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League of Legends: Does Red Side Have An Advantage Over Blue?

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Recently a League of Legends post went viral in which players discussed the importance of the map and the different sides. 

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Legaue of Legends: Which side is better? | © Riot Games

Legaue of Legends has two sides of the map. The red and blue quadrants. When queuing up, there are a few differences on each side, which could impact the way someone plays. In 2024 Riot decided to make some huge changes in the preseason, adjusting the map to look completely different, which should also even out the differences between red and blue side. 

These changes, as well as some high-elo specific matchmaking, has caused a huge discrepancy in win rate between the two sides, which someone has pointed out on Reddit. 

 League of Legends: Red Side Wins More Than Blue In High Elo

According to League of Graphs, when looking at the win rate of red and blue side for Master+ players, the red side is much stronger than blue. Red side has a win rate of 53%, with blue side down at 47%. Reddit user 6vxy posted these statistics on Reddit, explaining that red side historically had the higher MMR player base in high elo.

Because the red side used to be at a slight disadvantage with some of the map openings, as well as the camera angle which technically is favored to blue side players, Riot would have the higher MMR average players play on the red side. 

In lower elos having higher MMR players on one side from another, since there are so many players, the matchmaking system can easily find 10 people with almost the same MMR. This wouldn't lead to too much of a difference. On the other hand, in higher elo, the player pool thins out drastically and a player within the top 10 plays completely different and better than someone in the top 500. 

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Is there an actual difference in red and blue side? | © Riot Games

Add in the map changes at the beginning of the season, which took away some of the weaknesses of the red side and you've got a pretty intense difference in win rate and skill. Having the map change to be symmetrical on red and blue side, along with the matchmaking from Riot, could have led to this huge disparity in win rate between red and blue. 

But is this true, or are Redditors just looking too deeply into something? Let us know in the comments below! 

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