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LoL Preseason 2024: All Map Changes

News 20-11-2023 17:00

League of Legends' Preseason 2024 is here, and Riot Games has made some interesting changes to the map. Wondering what's in store for top laners, mid lane mages, and the balance between red and blue sides? Let's break it down and see what's new on the rift!

Map Changes Header
The Rift is getting a new look | © Riot Games

In League of Legends' Preseason 2024, Riot Games had some significant goals in mind. They wanted to shake up the game by tweaking the map itself. Their aim was to ensure that every player would notice fresh combat interactions right from their very first match of the new season.

So, what were their goals? Riot wanted to give top lane champions more control in their battles. They also aimed to assist mages who tend to stay in the mid lane. Additionally, they aimed to even the playing field between the red and blue sides of the map, ensuring that neither side had an advantage.

In this overview of the Preseason 2024 changes, we'll break down what Riot did to achieve these goals and how it will impact your League of Legends experience in the upcoming season.

PreSeason 2024 Map Changes: Top Lane

Top Changes
Old Top Lane vs. New Top Lane | © Riot Games

Riot is making it easier for the top lane to access fights in the river. Also, it's much harder to get ganked on the top lane now since there are now brushes to hide the jungler.

PreSeason 2024 Map Changes: Top Side Jungle

Topside Jungle Changes
Old Top Jungle vs. New Top Jungle | © Riot Games

With these changes, Riot wants to open the map more for immobile mid-lane carries.

PreSeason 2024 Map Changes: Mid Lane

Mid Changes
Old Mid Lane vs. New Mid Lane | © Riot Games

By moving the brushes back, mid-laners can't be ganked as effectively by junglers anymore.

PreSeason 2024 Map Changes: Bot Side Jungle

Bot Jungle Changes
Old Bot Jungle vs. New Bot Jungle | © Riot Games

The access to the dragon pit is now more evenly balanced.

PreSeason 2024 Map Changes: Bot Lane

Bot Changes
Old Bot Lane vs. New Bot Lane | © Riot Games

The red side tri-brush is now more important as it now also has three entrances.

That's it for the map changes in PreSeason 2024. I personally find the changes quite appealing. Both sides should be well-balanced and have the same opportunities. Additionally, a bit of fresh air is always welcome. It's okay for Meta to be shaken up from time to time. However, whether this proves true remains to be seen.

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