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League of Legends: Players Want Premades To Get Out Of Ranked

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Sometimes duo players take things too far and some of their behavior is making people wish that only solo queue was allowed, even in lower elos. 

Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan
Xayah and Rakan are cute, but not all bot duos are. | © Riot Games

While in lower elos you are allowed to play as a duo partner in ranked queue, higher elos don't allow this. But it seems that certain behavior of players, has many wishing that this was the case in low MMR queues as well. 

Recently, a thread went viral on Reddit, in which players complained about the awful behavior they experience when they play solo, but are paired up with a duo. 

League of Legends Players Sick Of Game Ruining Behavior

One Reddit user explained that while they are an ADC main, they hate to queue alone. Not because they get paired with a bad support player, but instead, because of the chance that they encounter a bot lane duo who then threatens them to switch. 

Yuumi and Jinx Valentines Day
Who is your duo partner? | © Riot Games

People wanting to play with their friends is nothing new, and it's fine, but it seems some people are taking their behavior way too far. 

The main issue is that most of the time when I get duos in the lobby they are bot premade and if I got ADC they demand I give them ADC, if I refuse they ban my champion and troll me if I don't dodge.

Other players agreed with the original poster, having noticed the same type of behavior from premade duo players. When they don't get to play with their premade, they will often be toxic, even before the game starts, by either banning the champion someone wanted to play, or pick it themselves and then run it down. 

Others also explained that they've switched places with premade duos before, only for them to pick the most troll bot lane picks known to mankind, thus also ruining their ranked games. 

Overall, this type of behavior is pretty toxic and players are sick and tired of it. Will Riot ever be able to fix these issues? 

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