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League of Legends: Prequel Webcomic to Mageseeker Reveals New Lore Tidbits

More 29-03-2023 17:40
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League of Legends: The new webcomic has some cool new lore information! | © Riot Games

Thanks to Riot Forge, Riot is able to explore the world of Runeterra in new and exciting ways outside of the usual short-story formula. Riot have released comics before, like the Ashe - Warmother comics or the ones about Lux, but now they've taken it a step further and also published a webcomic. 

The new webcomic about our favorite Noxian assassin, Katarina has opened up some new gates to those of you who enjoy the lore of League of Legends and is a direct prequel to the upcoming Riot Forge Game: The Mageseeker. 


League of Legends: Webcomic Tells Prequel Story of New Riot Forge Game

League of Legends has come a long way from being a simple MOBA. With games like Ruined King, Riot have taken story telling to another level and the upcoming game from Digital Suns will bring players up North to Demacia where an uprising of mages is taking place. 

Now for anyone who simply plays League of Legends and doesn't know the lore, or just likes Digital Suns games, jumping into The Mageseeker cold turkey might be a tad confusing, which is where the brand-new webcomic comes into play which sets the scene of the adventure RPG. 

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The webcomic follows Katarina, a prominent League of Legends mid lane champion, and also a key role in lore, for anyone interested in Demacia and Noxus. In the comic we follow her as she reconciles with her long-lost father and is sent on a mission far more dangerous than anything before – to the fortress of Demacia where she is to kill both the King, Jarvan III, and a young mage – Lux. 

This might not be a Riot Forge Game, but Riot is also working on a fighter. Here is some interesting information on the upcoming game:

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This comic sets the scene and gives fans a glimpse into the conflict within Demacia itself and how ostracized anyone with magic is in the country. Even nobles like Luxana Crownguard are chased for simply having been born with magic. 

The four part comic also gives more background and reveals some interesting information regarding the death of King Jarvan III. Make sure to read it to know more, because we aren't going to spoil it in this article right now. But we do believe that the happenings of the comic will play a key part in the upcoming RPG. 

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