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So, which maps exist in Arena?

All LoL Arena Maps For New Game Mode

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This is where you can go shopping! Choncc has the best prices! | © Riot Games

Riot is releasing a brand-new game mode with LoL Patch 13.14. It's been ages since Riot has added a new game mode to League of Legends so players are, understandably, pretty excited for it. If you don't have a PBE account though you'll have to wait to play it. 

So, before you hop into the game mode, it's important to understand which maps there are and which type of gameplay these maps are best suited for. Let's check out all the maps in the brand-new game more League of Legends Arena which will release for the Soul Fighter game mode soon. 

LoL Arena: These Are All The Maps

Collage Arena Lo L
These are the maps that will be part of Arena. | © Riot Games/Zwag Xerath via YouTube

In total there are five maps, though not all five are used for combat. As seen in the header image of this article, you've got one generic map in which players can plan their strats, purchase items, as well as juices, and just beat up a poor innocent practice dummy. 

If you're confused about the term juices, then don't worry we've got you covered, since we've gone over this before in our LoL Arena item guide

Once you've made your purchases, it's time to get into the action, the 2v2 fights. You will be transported to one of the remaining four arenas. These all have resemblances to certain areas in Runeterra

Soul fighter lux splash
The Soul Fighters will also be a part of the action! | © Riot Games

There is a map with ice and snow which resembles the Freljord, while another map is clearly supposed to represent Ionia. Shurima and Noxus look like the inspiration for the other two maps that are also part of the rotation in Arena. 

  • Ionia Map: Features bodies of water in the middle and is very clear and clean due to the lack of bushes
  • Freljord Map: Offers a lot of outplay due to the bushes, as well as the other obstacles all over
  • Shurima Map: This map has narrow pathways which are going to be ideal for fights
  • Noxus Map: A huge bush is right in the bottom center which can be great for anyone who wants to play melee champions

The maps are built in such a way that wards are not needed, but that there is still some way to outplay others and to play around vision. 

The game mode is going to be released on July 20, 2023 a day after LoL Patch 13.14 goes live. You can already test it out on the PBE right now, or wait until it's out for everyone if you don't have a PBE account yet. 

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