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MSI 2023: Schedule, Format, Teams, Location & More

Esports 24-04-2023 13:00
Msi 2022 finals
MSI 2023: Everything you need to know about the upcoming tournament! | © Riot Games

The start of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 is closing in! We are here to tell you everything you need to know about one of the biggest tournaments in the LoL Esports scene. Whether you are wondering about the qualified teams, schedule, or the new MSI format, we got you covered! 

The Mid Season Invitational is one of the biggest events you find in esports. Here, the top League of Legends teams worldwide compete for honor, glory, and, of course, money. But, even more exciting, the MSI is a great opportunity for teams qualified to get an insight into the competitions besides their home region to prepare for the League of Legends World Championship at the end of the year. 

This year, we are looking at a whole new MSI with an updated format, double elimination, and even more teams competing. Before the event starts in early May, we will give you all the information you need so you can be fully ready for when the action breaks loose!

MSI 2023: Location

The MSI is returning to Europe this year! The whole event will take place in London, England, at the Copper Box Arena. The arena is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympics Park and has hosted several esports events in the past. 

So if you happen to be in London in May, tickets for the event can be found ranging from £29-£94 on

It is not long since the last time MSI was hosted in Europe. In 2021 MSI was supposed to be hosted in China. However, due to covid restrictions in 2021, Riot Games moved the event from China to Iceland

MSI 2023: Schedule

With under a month left, we are getting even more excited for the MSI 2023 to begin! Here is the schedule for each stage of the tournament: 

  • Play-In Stage: May 2-7, 2023
  • Bracket Stage: May 9-14, 2023 and May 16-20, 2023
  • Final: May 21, 2023

MSI 2023: Teams Qualified

Faker t1
MSI 2023 Teams: T1 is the first LCK team to qualify for MSi 2023! | © Riot Games

It is always more fun to watch the big tournament when your favorite team is qualified. This year, we are looking at three additional teams joining the competition! 

We still don't know every team qualified for the tournament, but we will make sure to update our list once more teams are qualified. So which teams have already qualified for the MSI? Let's take a look! 

LCS (North America)

  • Cloud9 (Bracket Stage)
  • Golden Guardians (Play-In Stage)

As the first team to qualify for the LCS Spring Split Final, Cloud9 has secured a spot for MSI 2023. Whether they have to go through Play-Ins or are placed directly into the Bracket Stage depends on their results in the final. 


  • MAD Lions (Bracket Stage)
  • G2 Esports (Play-In Stage*)

With the new EMEA format in the LEC, G2 Esports secured a spot in this year's MSI by winning the first-ever LEC Winter Split. G2 Esports have currently secured a place in Play-Ins. The champion of the LEC Spring Split 2023 will secure a spot in the Bracket Stage. 

* Even though G2 Esports secured a spot for Play-Ins, due to winning the LEC Winter Split, they could still take the spot for Bracket Stage by also winning the upcoming LEC Spring Split Final. The second spot would then go to the team with the most championship points across both splits. 

LCK (Korea)

  • T1 (Bracket Stage)
  • Gen.G (Bracket Stage)

On April 1, 2023, T1 made it to the LCK Spring Final, securing the first Bracket-Stage spot available for MSI 2023. Gen.G managed to beat out KT Rolster in the LCK semi-final to secure the second LCK slot at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. 

Gen.G beat T1 in the LCK finals and will compete as the first seed, with T1 qualifying for the Bracket Stage as the second seed. 

LPL (China)

  • JDG(Bracket Stage)
  • BiliBili Gaming(Play-In Stage)

CBLOL (Brazil)

  • LOUD (Play-In Stage)

LJL (Japan)

  • DetonatioN FocusMe (Play-In Stage)

VCS (Vietnam)

  • GAM Esports (Play-In Stage)

LLA (Latin America)

  • Movistar R7 (Play-In Stage)

PCS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia)

  • PSG Talon (Play-In Stage)

MSI 2023: Format 

This year we are looking at a whole new format for the MSI. The tournament will consist of two main stages, Play-In Stage and Bracket Stage, using the beloved double-elimination format. 

Play-In Stage Format

The first stage of MSI 2023 will be Play-Ins. Here, the second seed from the LEC, LCS, and LPL and the first seed from LLA, CBLOL, VCS, LJL, and PCS will compete to make it into the Bracket Stage.

The eight teams will be divided into two groups of four, facing each other in a best-of-three double-elimination format. At the end of the Play-Ins, the winner of each group and the winner of the losers bracket move on to the next stage. 

Msi 2023 format play ins
MSI 2023: Play-Ins Format | © Riot Games

Group A

  • BiliBili Gaming
  • Movstar R7
  • Golden Guardians
  • GAM Esports

Group B

  • G2 Esports
  • LOUD
  • PSG Talon
  • DetonatioN FocusMe

Bracket Stage Format

In the Bracket Stage, the three winning teams from Play-Ins, the second seed from the LCK, and the first seed from LEC, LCS, LPL, and LCK meet each other in a double elimination best-of-five format. 

LCK has secured two spots in the Bracket Stage due to winning the League of Legends World Championship 2022. 

MSI 2023 bracket stage
MSI 2023: Bracket Stage Format | © Riot Games

MSI 2023: Stream

If you're not planning to travel to London anytime soon, it does not mean you must live with massive FOMO for the whole MSI. As always, you will be able to watch the entire show live on the LoL Esports Website and Riot Games' official Twitch and YouTube channel:

By watching LoL Esports, you will also be able to unlock specific awards throughout the tournament.

And there you have it - Everything there is to know about this year's Mid Season Invitational! We will, of course, update this article once more information once it is available. But until then, you can spend some time looking at the recent LCS drama with CLG! 

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