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LoL: Challenger To Diamond In Less Than A Week - Yes, It's Possible

More 21-04-2023 16:50

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League of Legends players continuously complain about smurf accounts and how they're ruining their LoL-experience, but what about high elo players? Do they also encounter these situations with a reverse-smurf? Well, it seems that one player has been caught breaking records no one even knew about. 

Buying accounts is nothing new, but one player has proven why maybe sometimes it's better your parents don't give you their credit card... with a record unlike one you've ever seen before. 

LoL Player Proves Why Buying Boosted Accounts Is A Waste

Some players believe that they're in the wrong rank. While most of us might experience this from time to time, no one is as delusional as to think that while they're hard stuck Silver, they actually belong in Challenger... at least I hope not. 

Well, one player seems to have thought so and decided to do something about it in one of the worst ways possible. Buying accounts is something everyone knows about and some players also buy boosted accounts to be able to play in higher elos. 

  • You shouldn't buy a League of Legends account to feel like a Challenger player... just get the Razer DeathAdder Faker Edition and you'll be closer to Challenger rank than wasting thousands of dollars. 

These accounts don't come cheap though, especially when you want to buy a Challenger account. Some of those can range in the thousands when it comes to price. Well, one player had the money and decided to treat themself... to a whole world of embarrassment. 

In a video by YouTuber Rival, he outlines that one player managed to have a win rate of merely 10% and that a Challenger account at 1,000LP has managed to fall to Diamond, within one week due to their low win rate. The account is so ruined that the invisible MMR is even as low as Silver for this player. 

So if you encounter any Platinum or Diamond players in your Silver games, just know it's this clown that probably paid thousands of dollars to experience Challenger for a mere few games before getting bodied into non-existence and out of the high tiers. 

As it turns out, players even found the main account of the person who is in Iron IV according to Rival. Now maybe the person had some big dreams of a David vs Goliath match up in Challenger, but those dreams quickly crashed and burned when he ended up tanking the account. Just look at the tier graph on more words really don't have to be said, right? 

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