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MSI 2023: These Champions Won't Be Played At The Tournament

Esports 19-04-2023 17:20
Yuumi and Milio Disabled For MSI 2023
MSI 2023: According to the rules they won't be part of the tournament. | © Riot Games

Two League of Legends champions will not be making an appearance at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational due to specific rules from Riot Games. In previous years champions like Akshan, Vex and Udyr have been disabled for big tournaments and now this duo also joins them. 

League of Legends fans are celebrating already, because let's be real you guys already know who I am talking about, right? Just look at the silhouette up there and you'll know. So let's go over why these champions won't be seen in London. 

 MSI 2023: Milio and Yuumi Disabled

Milio is the newest League of Legends champion on the rift and Yuumi received a huge Mid-Scope Update to her kit right before the 2023 playoffs of every single League of Legends region. This made these two champions unavailable, since neither has been out long enough for players to truly practice them or re-learn the champion from scratch. 

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Both champions were released in LoL Patch 13.6 and therefore were not playable during the 2023 playoffs for any region, since teams did play their playoffs either on LoL Patch 13.5 or 13.6. This means that most regions didn't even have a chance to pick Milio. 

In 2020 Riot revealed their rules for inclusion and exclusion of champions. In it, they stated that champions, as well as champion reworks like VGU's have to have been available for all four major regions during their playoffs for them to be playable at big international events. 

New Champions and VGUs must be enabled for playoffs in all four of the top regions in order to be playable at the next international tournament.

Now, this definitely means Milio won't be at MSI, as mentioned most teams played their playoffs on LoL Patch 13.5. Yuumi is another contestant to be disabled, since she also got her Mid-Scope in Patch 13.6 and while she is still the same champion, much of her kit has changed. It's not as big as VGU, but it's still a major change to her kit. 

So we can pretty much erase these champions from the MSI lineup... aren't we blessed that we won't have to deal with Yuumi at this Mid-Season invitational? 

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