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LoL Players Convinced Alt Accounts Are Real Issue For Toxicity

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LoL players want Riot to do more about smurf accounts. | © Riot Games

On May 24, 2023 Riot revealed their plans for the future of the behavioral systems in League of Legends, while also going over some of their newly implemented features. One of the biggest take aways from the blog post was that they would be introducing a form of queue-lockout for toxic players. 

This has been something Riot tried before, but quickly removed from the game, so it'll be interesting to see how it'll work now, years later. But some players believe that to combat toxicity in the game, alt accounts also have to be tackled. 

LoL: Smurf Accounts Are The Real Problem 

Smurf accounts are extremely cheap in League of Legends. Players can purchase level 30 accounts for just a few bucks and then start playing. On the other hand, boosted accounts are also being sold left, right and center, meaning anyone can play any elo they want if they just have enough cash money. 

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While the solo queue lockout is a good idea in theory, many players believe that this won't solve the core issue, since many players have alt accounts or bought smurf accounts with which they play and act out on. Since these accounts aren't their main, the players also don't care about any of the punishments Riot dishes out, since it won't affect their main account. 

Players have spoken out against smurf accounts and how they ruin their games on multiple occasions, but Riot has done little to stop them from popping up and infiltrating games. 

In my experience, the vast majority of game ruining behavior comes from someone who is not playing on their main account.

One player suggested that everyone should add their phone number to an account. By adding a phone number, accounts belonging to the same person could be linked, meaning that when someone is toxic in one of their smurf games and gets locked out of solo queue, then all the accounts linked to this phone number will be locked out of their queues as well. 

Whether Riot will go down this route is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain, League has a problem with smurf accounts and players are sick and tired of waiting for some form of a solution. 

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