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Pride month is upon us!

LoL Pride Event Icons and Cosmetics On PBE Patch 13.11

More 19-05-2023 16:05
Pride Month 2023
LoL Patch 13.11: This june we celebrate diversity! | © Riot Games

Pride Month is just a few weeks away and Riot is gearing up to celebrate diversity in League of Legends. Each year, the company brings out new emotes, icons and more to celebrate pride in League of Legends. Some of the assets have been added to the PBE already. 

New emotes have already been data mined so let's gear up and get ready for some pride month fun! What can we get this pride month in LoL Patch 13.11? 

LoL Patch 13.11: Pride Emotes Data Mined

June is pride month all over the world, in which the LGBTQIA+ community alongside allies celebrate their diversity. Of course, corporations will hop on that pride month train as well to cash in as much as possible, turning everything and anything into a rainbow. 

Riot is no different, giving out pride emotes and icons for anyone who wants. The good thing? The pride icons will only cost you 1 Blue Essence, so anyone can get what they want! For once Rito isn't a stingy company looking for the highest profit margins, eh? 

Data miners in League of Legends have already reveale the emotes that will be available, one of Vi and two of K'Sante who was released last year and is canonically gay. 

The new pride header has also been revealed. Players who equip a pride icon will receive this header, but they're also able to change it back to their original profile header if they choose to do so. 

The header will feature Leona and Diana, as well as Graves and Twisted Fate from the last two years of pride month. Caitlyn and Neeko also make an appearance. 

While Caitlyn and Vi have only ever been hinted at being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, this basically confirms it. Neeko has already had multiple voice lines which hinted at her liking women over men as well. 

So this year, Riot will once again be celebrating pride in League of Legends. Hopefully we get those nice rainbow homeguards again because those are always fun, especially in TFT. 

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