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LoL: Riot Dev Gives Reasons Behind Lack of Voice Chat in LoL

More 08-03-2023 22:30
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League of Legends: Is voice chat needed in LoL? | © Riot Games

Players have been asking for voice chat in League of Legends for a long time. Now even pro players are questioning why we cannot talk to our teammates when we're playing solo queue. 

Recently, former C9 Academy top laner, now 100 Thieves Challengers top laner,  Darshan "Darshan" Upadhya spoke out on Twitter about the lack of communication in LoL and how voice chat could be useful. 

LoL Pro Player Asks For Voice Chat in Solo Queue

Between his time on Cloud9 Academy and the 100 Thieves Challenger squad, Darshan spent some time grinding Riot's new favorite game, VALORANT. In his month playing valo, Darshan noticed just how much voice chat added to the game and how it humanized the experience. 

Darshan basically argued that when there is no voice chat, it's much easier to become toxic since players don't "realize" there is another human being on the end of their words. Instead you're simply chatting to some pixels. 

He also emphasized that League of Legends is a team game and that voice chat enabled Darshan to feel like he and his teammates were working together, something he'd like to have happen in League as well. 

Riot Dev Responds To Voice Chat Claim

Gme dev at Riot Games Joe "HonestPillow" White responded to Darshan on Twitter. 

I share this opinion but I don’t think it solves all behavioral issues and definitely introduces some new ones. Especially for women and POC who get unfairly targeted by simply participating in voice comms for example.

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This discussion has prompted multiple people from the community to weigh in on the subject, with some asking why VALORANT works with voice comms when League doesn't according to Riot. Others believe that League of Legends doesn't necessarily need voice comms like Valorant does. 

Overall, sexism and racism is still plaguing the gaming community, making it difficult for some players to feel at ease with voice comms on and exposing themselves. There are more than enough videos of women getting harassed while playing VALORANT or any other game with voice comms. 

Just because someone flames someone once doesn't mean it won't affect them for the rest of the time that they're playing the game, right? 

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