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Riot Games Launches Investigation into Evil Geniuses Over Alleged Neglect of Danny's Mental Health

News 08-03-2023 17:30
EG Danny MSI 2022
EG Danny | © Riot Games

Riot Games is launching an official investigation into Evil Geniuses after several allegations have been presented against the organization regarding one of their former players. 

In the last couple of weeks, the LCS team Evil Geniuses has been under fire after reportedly neglecting the mental health of one of their former players, Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki. 

Danny used to be the starring ADC on Evil Geniuses in 2022. However, right before the final weeks of the LCS Summer Split, the player decided to take a break to focus on his mental health. Unfortunately, this meant the team had to use a substitute player for both the LCS Semifinals, where they lost 2-3 against 100 Thieves and the League of Legends World Championship. 

According to anonymous sources from Medium and Dexerto, when Danny returned to his family, he had several health complications due to malnourishment. As it turns out, Danny is on the autism spectrum, something Evil Geniuses was aware of prior to signing the star ADC. The organization reportedly did not give Danny the necessary care when competing. 

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After the news broke out, Riot Games finally decided to launch an investigation of Evil Geniuses surrounding Danny's situation, according to TGHEsports journalist LCS Eevee.

On February 28, Danny made a statement himself on Twitter, denying the accusations about him and the organization stating it was solely the pressure of being an esports player that was too much for him.

Hello all, ic there has been quite a lot of news out there and I want to tell you that it is completely on me & the accusations towards EG aren’t true. The truth is that the pressure of being an esports pro has overwhelmed me to my breaking point, and EG supported me all the way.

In the same post, Danny also announced he would become a full-time streamer for Evil Geniuses moving on forward. Regardless of the investigation's outcome, we wish Danny the best and hope he will enjoy his time as a League of Legends content creator. 

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