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LoL: Riot Wants to Bring Back ARAM Clash

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Aram 2023
ARAM clash could be coming back this year. | © Riot Games

At the end of 2022, just before the start of LoL Season 13, Riot held one last Clash event to celebrate their changes to ARAM. This special ARAM Clash was very popular and even streamers like The Bausffs took part in the event, having fun and not taking it too serious. 

Now, in a recent dev blog, some more changes to game modes, and ARAM itself were outlined by the Game Modes team, revealing that we are getting a new game mode and ARAM will be adjusted once more, due to the tower rubble. 

ARAM Clash: Riot Working on Bringing it Back

But for those of you who enjoy playing ARAM, Riot is going to be doing some major quality of life changes. You'll be able to earn mastery tokens in the game mode going forward and Riot is going to be making some adjustments to the tower rubble.

Let's hope you get any of these champions in ARAM Clash:

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But another thing that was revealed is that the team is working on bringing ARAM Clash back once again. With the tournament being so popular and fun, the team thinks that it's viable to return in 2023 as well. 

In the dev blog on YouTube Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon talked about Clash and why it's been delayed in 2023, but they did state they would bring the tournament back for March 2023, even opening up Clash to Southeast Asian servers. 

In this video they explained that ARAM Clash was a bit experimental, but it was a huge success, which is why they are looking to bring it back. Maybe this will become an occurring thing every end of the year Clash tournament to finalize the Clash season? It would work. 

Release Date for ARAM Clash

Riot did not give an official release date for the ARAM Clash, but they did state they are working on bringing it back thanks to the fans who played the Clash. So we do think it would be a Winter Clash event, especially with the Howling Abyss being in the icy north of the Freljord. 

Will you be participating in the ARAM Clash once Riot releases an official date and time?

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