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LoL: Players Can Soon Earn Mastery Level 6-7 Tokens in ARAM

News 17-02-2023 21:10
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What is your favorite ARAM champion in League of Legends? | © Riot Games

The new changes to ARAM are good news for everyone tired of the normal game mode we find on the Summoner's Rift!

Champion Mastery is a progression system that tracks a player's skill and experience for each champion. The more you play a champion, the more champion mastery points you will be rewarded. 

Until level 5, you can level up by experience on the champion alone. However, when it comes to reaching levels 6 and 7, you need to achieve a particular grade in a game for a set amount of times before being able to level up.  

Until now, achieving the required grade for mastery levels 6 and 7, ARAM has not counted, and in order to get that mastery level higher than level five, you would need to play matches on the Summoner's Rift

Now some people frankly don't like the Summoner's Rift and only spend time playing ARAM. However, these players might still want to show off that they are good with a particular champion without having to struggle through a game mode they don't even care about.  

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Well, for all the ARAM fans out there, we got some good news for you! Starting in patch 13.5, players can earn mastery level 6/7 tokens in ARAM.

The news was first announced by Jordan 'BarackProbama' Checkman, the Senior Design Lead on the Competitive Gameplay Team at Riot Games. By the way, can we take a moment to appreciate that Summoner name?

It is nice to see Riot Games starting to focus more on their other game modes as well and not solely the normal one on the Sumonner's Rift. For the 2023 season, Riot also decided to make some of the biggest changes ever seen to the ARAM game mode with the addition of Hexgates, rubble from fallen turrets, an extra bush, etc. 

We also know Riot is working on a whole new game mode that will look very different from the ones currently in the game with a 2v2v2v2 format!

What are your favorite changes that happened in 2023? 

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