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LoL Server Down – Loading Screen Not Working

More 28-04-2023 12:58
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LoL Server Down: Why is the Loading Screen not working? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends servers seem to be down right now, with the login screen of the entire game being affected. So if you wanted to log in to play some League of Legends this morning, or ignore your classes and go for some TFT instead, then you're out of luck. 

The League of Legends login screen is currently stuck in a loop and is not opening, not even letting anyone try to log in. Sadly, there has been no news from Riot either on this issue. 

LoL Server Down: League of Legends Loading Screen Is Stuck

This is probably one of the most frustrating bugs we've experienced in a while in League of Legends. Unable to log in completely, staring at a constant circle, while Katarina smirks right at you, almost teasingly. Maybe it's for the best and we all get some time to breathe and away from our obsession though, right?

Lo L is Down
This is what all our LoL clients look like right now. | © Riot Games

We don't even have an error code or anything we can type in to try and find out why the League of Legends client is not working properly, and it seems that the official Riot Support also has not made any announcements about this League of Legends login screen glitch. 

How to Fix League of Legends Loading Screen Issues

Can you even fix these issues? The only way to fix them is by being patient and waiting on official information from Riot. Right now, there have been no news on this issue, and Riot also has not revealed whether they're even aware of these server issues. 

Players have reported the issues to Downdetector, where you can see a clear spike, but other than that there is no information on this LoL client bug. Hopefully, Riot will give more information soon, until then you just have to be patient and wait for the login screen to work once more. 

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