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LoL Players Call Out Riot Over Disrespectful Clash Tournaments

More 27-04-2023 11:00
League clash compensation
LoL Clash was a disaster the last few weekends. | © Riot Games

Riot puts on Clash tournaments every few weekends where players can form their own teams to compete against others. They can win prizes, as well as have fun in a team environment, something most don't get when they play solo queue with four strangers. 

But it seems that the last few Clash weekends have not gone to plan and players, instead of having fun, are just frustrated with the way it's being handled. 

LoL Players Show Frustration Over Clash Issues

Clash in League of Legends is supposed to be a fun way to experience the game and have some time to play League in a team environment, but with the amount of bugs and issues that have been taking place, it's prevented players from having any fun. 

Players feel like their time is being wasted due to the issues, like getting trapped players in the tournament for hours, without them able to quit, which meant they couldn't even play normal games or something with their friends. 

What has players frustrated isn't just the bugs though, but that Riot has not even made any real changes even with these types of issues happening every single Clash it seems. 

There has also been no talk of compensation for any players that were affected by these bugs. Riot did not have any form of communication for players either, which left many in limbo. 

Players feel disrespected by Riot when it comes to their time as the original poster of the Reddit thread explained. Many other players also agree that Clash has been very buggy and that Riot needs to step up their game. 

One of the main issues with Clash is the League of Legends client, which has been a point of discussion on multiple occasions already. Players want a new client, one that works, but this would be a change for preseason so we will likely have to continue to deal with buggy Clash weekends until something is being done. 

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Riot Responds To Clash Bugs

Finally, days after the initial Reddit post went viral, RiotSakaar responded to the problems that have plagued Clash in a post of their own. In the post they acknowledged the issues that have been bugging Clash for the past two months and that these all stem from a distinct root cause. 

To try and fix the issues as soon as possible, Riot will be taking the following actions to improve Clash for anyone who wants to play and to ensure a smooth Clash event. 

  • Implementing more extensive QA testing in the days preceding a Clash tournament and engineering time to address any issues identified.
  • Instituting tighter monitoring and control for code changes that affect Clash.

It was also revealed that any players who had issues the past weekend on April 22, would be compensated. Basically the Clash tickets will be refunded to players. Hopefully the next Clash weekend set to take place on May 6 and 7, 2023 will work smoothly. 

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