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Mid-Patch Update For LoL Arena Will Nerf OP Systems & Champs

Mid-Patch Update For LoL Arena Will Nerf OP Systems & Champs

More 26-07-2023 15:05
Porcelain Kindred
Kindred is going to be getting some nerfs. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.14 released a week ago and in the LoL patch we received a brand-new game mode – Arena. Some champions have fared a little too well on the new game mode though, and Riot is going to be nerfing some of these OP picks

The mid-patch update should go live within the next day or so which will see seven strong Arena champions, as well as some systems receive updates to make the game mode a little more balanced and even out the playing field amongst players. 

LoL Arena: Mid-Patch Balance Changes

Healing Nerfs In Mid-Patch Update

Sweetheart Sona
Sorry healers! | © Riot Games

Healing has been quite an issue in Arena, which is why two of the best healing items will be seeing some nerfs in the upcoming League of Legends update. 

It isn't just items though, but Riot will also fix some bugs for one of the many augments as well to ensure that players and champions can't overheal and just... never die. 

  • Moonstone Renewer
    • [Bugfix] No longer has minor recursive chain healing
    • Chain Heal Amount: 40% >>> 30%
    • Chain Shield Amount: 45% >>> 35%

  • Redemption
    • Heal Amount: 350-700 >>> 250-500
  • Perseverance (Augment)
    • [Bugfix] Now correctly amps Base HP Regen instead of all HP Regen

The healing for both Moonstone and Redemption have been reduced drastically which should make it a little harder for healers to do their job in Arena. 

Champion Nerfs in Arena 

There are also seven champions getting nerfed in the Arena game mode for the mid-patch update in LoL Patch 13.14. 


LoL Arena Nerfs

  • E - Twin Fang
    • Bonus Damage Ratio: 60% >>> 45%
    • Heal Ratio: 10/11.5/13/15.5/16% >>> 10/10.5/11/11.5/12
  • P - Secon Skin
    • On-Hit base damage halved
    • Missing HP%: 15 >>> 10
  • W - Wolf's Frenzy
    • On Hit Damage: 25~45(+0.2AD)(+0.2AP)(+1.5% current HP, 1% per mark) >>> 10~30(0.1AD)(0.2AP)(+1% current HP, 0.5% per mark)
  • E - Mounting Dread
    • Missing Health proc: 8% >>> 5%
  • W - Bio-Arcane Barrage
    • Bonus Magic Damage: 3/3.75/4.5/5.25/6% >>> 2/2.75/3.5/4.25/5%
  • Q - Starlight's Touch
    • Healing HP Ratio: 0.00750 >>> 0.005
    • Healing per stack Base: 20 >>> 15
    • Healing AP Ratio: .1 >>> .07

  • E - Dazzle
    • -30 Ability Haste >>> -50 Ability Haste

  • R - Cosmic Radiance
    • Invulnerability Duration: 2.5s >>> 1.75s
  • R - Spray and Pray
    • Bonus AD: 40/55/70 >>> 10/20/30
  • Q - Tumble
    • Total AD Ratio: 75-115% >>> 60-100%
  • W - Silver Bolts
    • Percent Health: 6-10% >>> 4-6%

These are just a few mid-patch changes, so expect a lot more updates in LoL Patch 13.15 which is set to release next week. There are more system changes planned, especially with the ring of fire getting some adjustments in the upcoming League patch as well. 

For now, the most OP champions are getting nerfed, though we do hope that Heimerdinger will also be getting some more nerfs, since he's one of the most annoying champions to play against in Arena. Those turrets are just... no fun. 

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