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The champs with the highest and lowest win rates so far.

LoL Arena Mode: These Are The Top 10 Best And Worst Champions

News 25-07-2023 17:05
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The 10 Champs with the highest win rate in the Arena Mode|© Riot Games

Without a doubt, the new Arena Mode in League of Legends has become one of the most popular and frequently played rotating game modes in recent years. Just like every game mode, a new meta is rapidly evolving before our eyes.

We have previously discussed some of the most powerful pairings for Arena, but today, let's take a closer look at the 10 champs with the highest and the lowest win rates. As expected, the League of Legends Subreddit is already buzzing with discussions about every single detail of this list, and some of the champions on this list are truly surprising.

LoL Arena: 10 Champs With The Highest Winrate

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The 10 Champs with the highest win rate|© Riot Games

In the LoL Arena Mode, success revolves around finding the best champion combination from over 160 playable champions. As expected, the community will take some time to uncover the most potent combos. However, a viral thread on the League of Legends Subreddit has already revealed a Top 10 list featuring champions with the highest and lowest win rates in the mode, based on statistics from

Champion Winrate Primary Role
1. Taric 64.75 % Support
2. Cassiopeia 66.68 % Mage
3. Kennen 63.75 % Mage
4. Vayne 62.45 % Marksman
5. Annie 64.45 % Mage
6. Fiora 61.40 % Fighter
7. Kindred 61.35 % Marksman
8. Yorick 61.08 % Fighter
9. Corki 61.03 % Marksman
10. Wukong 60.33 % Fighter

It's quite surprising to see Taric topping the list with nearly a 65% win rate, considering he isn't typically a popular pick in other League of Legends game modes. However, his supportive abilities and the damage he can deal when built as a bruiser seem to be exceptionally strong for the Arena Mode.

Moreover, it's interesting to note the significant presence of Mages within the Top 10, with Marksman being the second-strongest class. Many community members expected fighters or bruisers to dominate the Arena Mode, but the data suggests otherwise. And who would have guessed that a champion like Yorick would ever make an appearance in any modern Top 10 list!

Notably, one of the most hated champs in the game mode, Heimerdinger, didn't make it to the Top 10, falling just short with a win rate that's 0.01% lower than Wukong. Despite this, he remains one of the best champions in the mode and is regularly banned by players, a rather unfortunate fate.

10 Champs With The Lowest Winrate In Arena

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Top 10 Champions with the lowest win rate in the Arena Mode|©Riot Games

After the surprising Top 10 list with the highest win rates, it's time to delve into the names on the opposite end of the spectrum—the champions with the lowest win rates in the League of Legends Arena Mode:

Champion Winrate Role
1. Bard 28.65 % Support
2. Blitzcrank 30.75 % Tank
3. Rammus 31.75 % Tank
4. Sion 32.10 % Tank
5. Katarina 32.31 % Assassin
6. Tryndamere 34.14 % Fighter
7. Akshan 34.51 % Marksman
8. Evelynn 35.02 % Assassin
9. K'Sante 35.51 % Tank
10. Akali 35.80 % Assassin

As promised, the list of champions with the lowest win rates is filled with unexpected names. Notably, Ornn has a win rate of 0.00% because he hasn't been available for selection in the Arena Mode yet.

Let's analyze some of these surprising outcomes:

Bard seems to struggle in this game mode with a mere 28.65% win rate, despite his supportive role. This might be due to the fast-paced nature of the Arena, making it challenging for him to utilize his full potential.

Many fans expected Blitzcrank to be an absolute menace in this game mode with his feared hook. However, his AP ratio is too low to compete with dedicated Mages, and his tankiness falls short against real tanks and bruisers. Unfortunately, he finds himself in a tough spot.

Katarina and Akali, two of the most popular Assassins, surprisingly appear on this list. These champions are known for their ability to outmaneuver opponents and deal massive damage quickly. However, their win rates suggest that achieving success with them in the Arena Mode is a difficult feat.

As for Tryndamere and K'Sante, powerful top laners in recent months, their low win rates might be attributed to players forgetting the importance of stacking the Q-Ability for these champions. With fewer champions to hit in the Arena, stacking becomes more challenging, impacting their overall effectiveness.

It remains to be seen how the win rates will evolve in the upcoming weeks as players master effective champion combinations. Riot Games may also introduce game-mode-specific buffs or nerfs to certain champions, similar to those in ARAM. We will keep you updated on any developments.

Community Reactions To Arena Top And Bottom Pics

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The communities opinion diver on the Game Mode |©Riot Games

Undoubtedly, this topic was discussed by multiple LoL players on the League of Legends Subreddit as well. There, the opinions about certain champs and the true nature of the presented numbers diverge, to say the least.

In the comment section, Blitzcrank's role was a major topic of discussion, with many fans expecting him to be a dominant force in this game mode. However, it became evident that his AP ratio falls short in comparison to real Mages, his tankiness is insufficient to match genuine tanks, and his bruiser build cannot compete with the tankiness and damage output of authentic bruisers. Mr. Robot finds himself in a challenging position.

The user "Joaoseinha" shared their experiences with the hook-champ:

I tried to make AD Blitzcrank work, but it's rough. Didn't get last, but you pretty much need flawless augments for AH in order to get knockup spam, and even then you'll struggle with range since landing the hook is your gap-closer. AP is rough since everyone's health bars are far too big, and your cooldowns are too long to get a second rotation off. The best role ends up being tank/support, where he gets outclassed by pretty much everything else. Really needs a serious buff.

Meanwhile, the user "ClownFundamentals" tried to classify the given numbers:

The reason win rates vary a lot more has a lot to do with 2-player teams instead of 5-player teams. From a raw math standpoint, if you only have two champions on a team, then each champion has a much greater impact than if they were on a team of 5. Even if a champion was very strong on SR, that strength gets diluted by having 4 other champions on the team. Put another way, if you somehow had a 60v60 game mode, most win rates would be way closer to 50%.

Many were surprised by K'Sante's low win rate, considering he has been one of the most powerful top laners in recent months. It appears that many players overlooked the importance of stacking the Q-Ability for this champion. Additionally, with fewer champions to hit, it becomes more challenging to stack, duh.

Only time will reveal how the meta of the Arena Mode will evolve and whether we'll encounter the same champion names in upcoming lists. It is possible that Riot will implement game mode specific nerfs on some of the mentioned champions, similar to what they do in ARAM. Rest assured, we will keep you updated.

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