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Some of these items were just nutty

The Most OP Items in League of Legends History

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Items come and go in League of Legends. Some items have been in the game for as long as we remember, while others get cut because they're too powerful, game breaking or don't fit into the meta anymore.

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Who remembers some of these items? | © Riot Games

Which items have been removed from the game over the years because they were just too strong? Have you played League of Legends long enough to even remember some of these overpowered items in the game? Let's check out the five most OP items in the history of League of Legends. 


Most Overpowered Items in League of Legends

5. Banner of Command 

Who remembers Banner of Command? It hasn't been that long since Riot removed this item from the game. Anyone who played before Season 8 should remember this annoying item. It seemed like every split pusher built this item. The item was removed in Patch 8.12 though, so we don't need to deal with it anymore. 

Banner of Command Minion
Look at that minion! | © Riot Games

There was a time in the item's lifespan, that you could buff a minion. This meant that your minion could get extra stats like 100%, armor and magic resist, attack range, and health. The caster also got gold for kills from the buffed minion. Sounds pretty broken right? Now imagine this with ZZ'Rot Portal and Baron buff. Broken as f*ck, right? 

4. Sword of the Divine 

This is an item that was popular in Season 3 and 4 before League of Legends became the huge phenomena it is now. Back then some items were... questionable to say the least when looking at them from a balance standpoint and this one sure is a head scratcher if you ask me. 

Sword of the Divine
Sorry, the image of the item is so pixelated. | © Riot Games

So, what exactly made this such an overpowered item? Well, we have to look at it's stats. Not only did the user get 45% attack speed, but the item also had an active that was truly insane, granting the champion 100% bonus attack speed and 100% critical strike chance for 90 seconds. Oh, did we mention that the item also refunds half of its cooldown. You guys probably see why this item was removed, right? 


3. ZZ'Rot Portal

At the end of Season 9, Riot removed this item from the shop completely. It was just too powerful. We already mentioned it paired with Banner of Command in Season 8, but even alone, this was just way too crazy of an item to have stay in the game. So Season 10 had to be played out without ZZ'Rot Portal. Maybe we get a resurgence during the 2022 Void Event

Zz rot portal mundo
Who still remembers this item? | © Riot Games

ZZ'Rot portal was mostly built on top lane tanks. The item gave players 50 magic resist and armor, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The item had a sneaky little active which would make sieging so much simpler. You could create a portal which would spawn little Void creatures which could help you push lane and take towers. Of course, the creatures slowly died off, only living for 4 seconds, but they were a big help for any top laner trying to push their lane. 

2. Spear of Shojin

We can't forget our dearest friend Spear of Shojin either on this list of most overpowered League of Legends items. This item was just insane when paired with a bit of attack speed. There is a reason it was removed in Season 9, right? 

Spear of Shojin
Zoom zoom so fast! | © Riot Games

So, let's quickly go over the stats and what made this such an insane item. Basically, with the last iteration of the item, you would get cooldown reduction after using your ultimate. How? Well, 6 seconds after using your ult, for every auto attack after you'd lower your abilities' cooldown by 20% per auto. So, if you stack attack speed, you can basically spam your abilities. Sounds fun... but sure as hell wasn't fun to play against. 


1. Deathfire Grasp

Okay, now the most overpowered item in the history of League of Legends has to go to Deathfire Grasp. This is an item a lot of players would love to see again, but it's also an item that we're glad Riot removed from the game back in 2015. So, if you're new to League then you won't even know what we're talking about, right? Well, count yourself lucky. 

Deathfire Grasp
Good Riddance. | © Riot Games

Deathfire Grasp gave champions 120 Ability Power and cooldown reduction. If that already sounded nutty, then sit down because there's even more. It also had an active which dealt 15% of the target's max health in magic damage. Oh, and let's not forget that targets would take 20% increased damage from any other spells afterwards for 4 seconds. This item was built for burst mages to pop off and go ham. Thanks for removing this item Riot. 

With the mythic item inclusion in 2021, we haven't seen such dominance by a single item anymore. Though, there are some items which are definitely preferred over others. Would you agree that these are some of the most broken items we've seen? 

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