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Is the Infinite Token System Equal to the Previous System?

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In November, Riot set out to revolutionize the way they would work on events in the future. Gone are the points systems we’ve been working with for a while, instead we get a whole bunch of new data to check out.

The way Riot handled the Debonair 2.0 event though made players realize that the new token system was much more of a grind than every before and many disliked the way the event was handled.

So now Riot is back with an updated version of how to earn tokens, is it fair though in comparison to the previous token system?

Infinite Token System vs. Old Token bank System

By playing games players would earn tokens by completing missions. The token bank missions were brought back for the 2022 Lunar Revel event after the updated version failed miserably during the Debonair 2.0 event.

Token bank missions can be repeated as often as possible and wins will earn players 10 points, while losses earn players 5 points. This system is only in place though until the new reworked event missions system will be implemented.

This could happen with League of Legends Patch 12.6 though, when the Anima Squad event will take place. The new Infinite Token System will not be as much of a grind as the one during the Debonair event though, Riot has made sure of that.

In a Twitter post, Daniel “Riot Rovient” Leaver did the math for us all to show that the new token missions will equal the same amount of play time and yield the same results as the previous system.

Can You Earn the Same Amount of Points?

According to the tweet, playing a total of 600 hours with the old and new token system will gain players a total of 150 tokens. In the new system, players will earn points per minute played a game, instead of earning points merely by game played.

So, when a player plays the same amount of time and the same game modes, they earn the equal amount of tokens in the end. Therefore, if we believe the math in the spreadsheet, it would mean that the new token system should be equal to the previous one.

Once the Anima Squad event goes live and we get to experience this reworked version of the Debonair token system we should be able to tell whether it’s just as much of a grind as before, or whether it’s even better.