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Who to play when your opponent locks in Fiora

League of Legends: Top 3 Fiora Counters

Champions 21-10-2023 18:55

Fiora is one of the best top laners in the game, but how do you counter this menace in League of Legends?

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Fiora is a pretty obnoxious pick in the top lane. Her late game scaling is insane and she is one of the champions you think of when you think 'pentakill', especially when you remember the 2020 League of Legends World Championship finals. 

Seriously, going up against a good Fiora can feel like an impossible battle and that's why we are going to help you out a little and go over some champions that will be able to defeat her and exploit the few weaknesses this champion does have, because it might not seem like it, but Fiora is beatable. So, let's quit talking and check out three champions that you can pick when you see Fiora locked in. 


Which Champions Counter Fiora?

To counter Fiora, you will have to exploit her one big weakness, which is her early game. She is insanely strong in the late game, and that's because you likely let her scale. So, if you've got an oppressive early game champion that can finish a game before she reaches her late game spike, then you've essentially won the game. So let's go over some picks that can beat Fiora with ease. 

3. Renekton

Yes, Renekton is a counterpick to Fiora. He’s a great early game lane bully, and his oppressiveness won't give Fiora any chance to start winning battles to scale up. Sure, late game Renekton is probably one of the worst picks — hence why Riot is giving him a buff late game in Patch 12.9 — but he will outplay Fiora in every single early game. He's tankier and has quite a lot of damage early, and he can constantly chunk Fiora down. 

Project Renekton
Early this is one of the best laners. | © Riot Games

Renekton is also able to play around with his stun, which could become hard for Fiora players to deal with. Since he can either stun an opponent right away or elongate the attack, a Fiora player might not be able to time their Riposte right, which is their only way of defending against the stun — unless she's got her lunge ready and she can dash away. Therefore, you'll be able to rake in a few kills and gain the advantage as Renekton and Fiora won't be able to deal with him. 

2. Urgot 

Another champion that can outplay Fiora is Urgot. Both champions want to dance around their opponents, but if we're honest, Urgot isn't the most graceful while doing so. Each of these champions wants to hit the other as often as possible, but with Urgot's range advantage he's able to be more efficient than Fiora, especially early on. 

Giant Crabgot Urgot
Fiora should tremble before Urgot. | © Riot Games

Urgot does so much damage in the early game that Fiora won't be able to play as aggressive as she wants and therefore she won't be able to get ahead, which means that you can basically eliminate her from the game right off the bat. Sure, his dash is easily evaded by Fiora, but it's his escape tool, so only use it in case of  emergency when playing Urgot. That's something you will have to remember. 


1. Gangplank

The most difficult champion on this list who counters Fiora is none other than Gangplank. He's one of the hardest to master top laners, but if you're able to place his barrels and know how to work them, then Fiora is nothing more than gum at the bottom of your foot. Annoying, but nothing dangerous. 

Special Forces Gangplank
Just try going up against Gangplank as Fiora. | © Riot Games

Gangplank has a huge range advantage over Fiora and he can consistently poke her down thanks to his barrels. Fiora won't be able to play her game at all against a Gangplank. We all know Fiora wants to trade and go in for the kill, but Gangplank has everything in his kit to counter Fiora. She has to get close, but Gangplank can slow her with his barrels. His passive gives him movement speed and even if Fiora gets close to him, any slow from her can be countered with his oranges. It's that easy. 

Therefore, if you're desperate to counter Fiora, just pick Gangplank. His poke damage is insane and in the late game, he can have an influence on the map thanks to his global ultimate, while Fiora will have to be part of the team fight to have any effect. Even her parry is useless, because of it's long cooldown, so she can barely protect herself from Gangplank. 

Those are just a few counters to Fiora. You can also pick Sett if you wish, since he's able to keep up with Fiora and beat her to the ground in the early game as well. There are multiple options, so don't worry when your opponent locks her in. You've got options to keep her from 1v9ing. 

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