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LoL Patch 12.9 All Buffs and Nerfs | Update

Patch Notes 04-05-2022 10:51
French Maid Nidalee
Nidalee is on the list, but is it for a buff? | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.9 is a big one. Not because of a thousand champion buffs and nerfs or huge changes to some in-game mechanics, but because we're likely going to receive not one, but two champion mid-scope updates. 

But other than the mid-scope updates, what else is new this patch? We don't have to worry about pro play anymore, thanks to MSI being played on Patch 12.8, so what will have an effect on solo queue this time around? Let's jump into it right now. 


What Champion Changes Are Coming in LoL Patch 12.9? 

Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 12.9

This is probably the most interesting part of LoL Patch 12.9. Not only is the Taliyah mid-scope update going to go live, but Olaf will also receive his mini rework. These updates are so extensive that Riot might even change the name of one of Olaf's abilities. But wait, there is one more champion who is going to make an appearance here and that is Pyke... mid lane Pyke to be exact. 

PykeNotable Changes:
  • No longer gives Pyke "Your Cut" in addition to kill gold from successful executes (last assisting ally still gets "Your Cut")
  • No longer gives Pyke an extra "Your Cut" from when allies kill enemy champions within X (Pyke still gets 1x "Your Cut")
  • Buffed in Support focused ways
RenektonBase Stats
  • HP, AD Grwoth buffed

W - Ruthless Predator

  • Rank 1 nerfed
  • Max buffed

R - Dominus

  • Damage Buffed
TaliyahNotable Changes:
  • Q is AoE
  • Q consumes Worked Ground to fire a big rock
  • E range up and stuns units that dash through it
  • Burst Damage down
Olaf Notable Changes:
  • W grants a shield
  • R extended indefinitely with E/by attacking
  • Jungle clear nerfed

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Champion Buffs in LoL Patch 12.9 

Hecarim is getting a buff guys. Now that Riot has made sure that we won't see a single Hecarim game at MSI this year, he's finally getting buffed again. This jungler has been unplayable in recent patches so this buff is a welcome one. 

HecarimQ - Rampage
  • base AD Ratio 85% --> 90%
W - Spirit of Dread
  • Cooldown 18 --> 14
VarusP - Living Vengeance
  • Minion Attack Speed: 10/15/20 (+15% bonus Attack Speed) --> 10/15/20 (+20% bonus Attack Speed)
  • Champion Attack speed: 40% (+30% bonus Attack Speed) --> 40% (+40% bonus Attack Speed)
W - Blighted Quiver
  • On-hit: 7-21 (+30%AP) --> 7-27 (+30%AP)
BraumP - Concussive Blows
  • Target cooldown: 8-6 --> 8-4 (level 1, 7, 13)
E - Unbreakable
  • Damage Reduction: 30-40% --> 35-45%

P - Damnation

  • AP and AR per soul: 0.75 --> 1
W - Dark Passage
  • Shield: 60-180 (+1 per Soul) --> 60-180 (+2 per Soul)

Renekton will have his power in the late game adjusted. Since the champion is awful in the late game we can only hope for him to be getting a buff since Riot Phroxon did not specify whether the change is a buff or nerf. 

Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.9

Master Yi sure has had his ups and downs this season, eh? Riot made a few changes, which buffed him to infinity and beyond, before getting giga nerfed only a few days later. So now it's about time for the balance team to try another time at making some changes to the low elo jungler. 

RengarW - Battle Roar
  • Bonus Monster Damage: 85-150 --> 65-130
Master YiR - Highlander
  • Bonus Attack Speed: 25-65% --> 25-45%
NidaleeBase Stats
  • Health: 570 --> 540
AhriE - Charm
  • Cooldown: 12 --> 14
R - Spirit Rush
  • Cooldown: 130-80 --> 140-90
Renata GlascBase Stats
  • Armor: 29-27
P - Leverage
  • Damage: 1-3.5% [lvl 1-13] (+1% per 100 AP) --> 1-2% [lvl 1-9] (+2% per 100 AP)
SionP - Glory in Death
  • Zombie Structure Damage: 100% --> 40%

Unlike Zeri who has been part of every patch since her release, Renata Glasc has been pretty even. She had one nerf upon release, but since then she's been a staple in the bot lane. But now Riot will likely take some power from her kit. Balancing champions with a revive mechanic really isn't as easy as one might think, eh? 

What Items Are Being Adjusted in LoL Patch 12.9? 

The final adjustment of the Patch is going to be the change to Hullbreaker. These changes will likely have a huge effect on split pushers and could dissuade them from rushing the item. In a nerf in Patch 12.5, the item was changed to be less effective with ranged champions, but now melee split pushers like Yorick will also feel the pain. 

Currently, the item's passive lets champions also deal extra auto attack damage against all targets, as well as extra 20 percent bonus damage against structures if no other allied champs are nearby. This would be changed for champions to only deal bonus damage to turrets. Oh, and the added armor for minions is also being decreased... it was nice playing Yorick while it lasted. 



  • Resists: 26-60 Linear --> 10-75 Backloaded
  • Bonus Tower damage now only applied to attacks

These are some pretty big changes, but Riot is holding back on the amount of champion buffs and nerfs they can dish out. Probably due to the large mid-scope updates that the team is currently working on. Going onto the PBE server, it seems like Taliyah has something new added to her kit every single time. 

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