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Fizz is getting update in Patch 12.16

Fizz Visual Update on PBE

Super Galazy Fizz
Can you believe that Fizz is getting an update? | © Riot Games

Fizz is already 11 years old, having been released all the way back in 2011. The annoying mid laner still hasn't gotten deleted yet, though sometimes we desperately wish he would be, and instead, Riot is even giving him a visual makeover. 

So, what exactly does Riot have planned for the visual rework for Fizz, and when is it going to hit the rift? That's what we're going to look at today. All the new visual changes for Fizz, as well as the skins. Everything you need to know about the Fizz visual update right here. 


All Visual Changes on Fizz 

Currently, you can test out the upcoming Fizz changes on the PBE server. This means that the visual update is going to be shipping pretty soon. You can also give any feedback on the updated version of Fizz' abilities in the official PBE feedback thread. For example, in my opinion, the ultimate should be a bit more dramatic with more water and a bigger shark. 

This isn't the first time Riot has done these types of small visual updates though. Leona, Shaco and Orianna all received some updates in Season 12. Riot is implementing these changes to add more clarity to existing champions and their abilities. 

Visual Change on Fizz Skins

Fizz also has a multitude of skins, some of which are pretty old, which means their abilities don't look as clean as they once did and therefore are in need of some updates as well. So let's check out what Riot is changing on all the skins. 

BaseComplete overhaul
Atlantean FizzSame as base, but with a custom R and W
Tundra FizzSame as base, but with a custom R and W
Fisherman FizzSame as base, but with a custom R and W
Void FizzComplete overhaul
Cottontail FizzComplete overhaul
Super Galaxy FizzNew W passive marker
Omega Squad FizzNew W passive marker
Fuzz FizzNew W passive marker
Prestige Fuzz FizzNew W passive marker
Little Devil FizzNew W passive marker

So, as you can see quite a bit is being changed with this visual update, but it is also going to make playing against Fizz much better since you'll actually be able to tell what is happening when Fizz attacks you. 

When is the Fizz Visual Change Live? 

Right now the proposed visual changes are being tested on the PBE which means the changes will go live in LoL Patch 12.16. Are you ready to play some more Fizz to annoy the living hell out of your opponents with these changes? I sure hope not.