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Sivir Nerfs

All LoL Patch 12.15 Buffs and Nerfs | End of Sivir Already?

Patch Notes
Odyssey Sivir
She might look cool here, but she is quaking in her boots due to nerfs. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.15 is going to be much smaller than it's previous patch. But we know from a recent dev post, that the recent changes to healing has only just been the beginning, as Riot is planning many more changes due to the Patch 12.10 durability update

What else could they be doing in the future in terms of healing changes? Well, it seems that this patch the balance team is looking at some other issue within the game and will leave healing to the next few patch updates


Preparing for LoL Worlds 2022: Champion Buffs in Patch 12.15

Yes, we aren't far away from the upcoming League of Legends World Championship and we see a few names on the buff list that have us raising our eyebrow. Of course, Riot is going to buff Thresh and Leona ahead of the tournament, since we cannot have a single international tourney without either of them playing a huge part in the support role, right? 

ChampionsBuffs in Patch 12.15

Energy Champions

See below

SingedNoxious Slipstream (P)
  • Movespeed: 20% --> 25%
  • Per Target CD: 10s --> 8s

Insanity Poison (R)

  • Bonus Stats: 20/60/100 --> 30/65/100
RammusSoaring Slam (R)
  • Cooldown: 110/95/80 --> 90 at all ranks
  • Base Cast Range: 600 --> 800 
  • Minimum Dash Speed: 700 --> 900
  • Maximum Dash Speed: 1000 --> 2000
  • Range growth per MS ratio: 1.3 --> 1.5
LeonaShield of Daybreak (Q)
  • Mana Cost: 45-65 --> 35-55

Solar Flare (R)

  • CC Duration: 1.5s --> 1.75s
ThreshDeath Sentence (Q)
  • Cooldown: 20-12s --> 19-11s
  • Damage: 80-240 --> 100-260
Lillia JungleDream Laden Bough (P)
  • Monster Damage Cap: 40-100 (based on level) --> 50-150 (based on level)

Riot Phroxzon has explained on his Twitter post regarding the upcoming patch, that there will be five energy champions getting buffed. He stated that after the durability update the amount of energy the champions use for abilities is too much in the current meta, hence why they will likely get energy decreases, or an increased energy pool. 

Energy Champions Receiving Buffs: 

Five champions will be getting buffed by Riot. Though Riot Phroxzon did state that Kennen isn't one of the ones with energy issues, but he is still going to be buffed and judging by his win rate in the top lane it's necessary. 

  • Kennen
    • Electrical Surge (W) Cooldown: 14-6s --> 13-6s
    • Electrical Surge (W) Damage: 60-160 --> 70-170
    • Slicing Maelstrom (R) AP Ratio: 20% --> 22.5%
  • Akali 
    • Twilight Shroud (W) Energy Refund/Increase: 80 --> 100
  • Lee Sin 
    • Resonating Strike (Q) Energy Cost: 30 --> 25
    • Iron Will (W) Energy Cost: 30 --> 25
    • Cripple (E) Energy Cost: 30 --> 25
  • Shen  
    • Shadow Dash (E) Energy Refund: 30-40 --> 30-50
  • Zed 
    • Shadow Spell Mimic Range: 2000 --> No Limit
    • Shadow Slash (E) Enerrgy Cost: 50 --> 40

Sivir Is Too Strong: Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.15

Sivir has been the go-to bot laner since her mid-scope update in League of Legends Patch 12.13. Seriously, no one else does as much and as fast damage as she can and it's turned her into the most OP pick on the rift. So, it's time for a second round of nerfs for her. 

ChampionsNerfs in Patch 12.15
Master YiWuju Style (E)
  • Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 --> 18 at all ranks
QiyanaRoyal Privilege (P)
  • Damage AD Ratio: 45% --> 30%
Fixed a bug where Qiyana could apply an extra proc of her passive with First Strike equipped
SivirBase Stats
  • AD Growth: 3.3 --> 3

Spell Shield (E)

  • Cooldown: 22-14s --> 24-18s

On the Hunt (R)

  • Cooldown: 100-70s --> 120-80s
GwenSnip Snip! (Q)
  • True Damage Conversion: 75% --> 50%
TaliyahUnraveled Earth (E) 
  • Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 --> 18/17/16/15/14

Weaver's Wall (R)

  • Wall Duration: 5s --> 4s
KalistaBase Stats
  • AD: 69 --> 66

Qiyana has also been a menace in the mid lane lately. No one wants to go up against her because she's just that strong. While most assassins are... ass to say the least, Qiyana has stepped up to keep the assassin class alive in League of Legends. She's able to roam and let's be real no one has as much impact in a teamfight around an objective like she does. 


System Adjustments in LoL Patch 12.15

We've got a few changes for items and runes as well in this patch, but it isn't a huge list like it was in the previous patch where all healing items were completely overhauled. No, instead we are just getting four system changes – two buffs and two nerfs. 

SystemAdjustments in Patch 12.15
Mercurial Scimitar
  • Magic Resist: 30-40
  • Movement Speed Duration: 1s --> 1.5s
Silvermere Dawn
  • Magic Resist: 35-45
  • Slow Resist/Tenacity: 40% --> 50%
First Strike
  • Bonus True Damage: 10% --> 9%
Divine Sunderer
  • Spellblade Heal: 65% --> 55% of premitigation damage (+(4.8% melee/2.4% ranged) of target's mac health)(+100% base AD)

Merc Scimitar and Silvermere Dawn will be buffed while First Strike and Divine Sunderer are on the nerf list, but is anyone even surprised? First Strike is honesty one of the best runes in the game which lets snowball champions snowball that much harder. 

So now you know what  your favorite champion will be like the coming future. Will Riot finally Delete Master Yi in the next patch or will our bronze and silver friends continue to struggle against the Wuju Bladesman?