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League of Legends PBE: Assets Hint At Skarner VGU Getting Added Soon

Champions 14-03-2024 17:00

Some League of Legends PBE data miners have found new information in the files that hint at Skarner's imminent VGU. 

Cosmic Stinger Skarner
League of Legends: Skarner VGU is just around the corner. | © Riot Games

Skarner's VGU was announced years ago, and it seems like there are more and more hints coming our way that the scorpion will be coming to League of Legends soon. Now, a Public Beta Environment (PBE) data mine has found more evidence that we won't have to wait much longer for Skarner to finally make it onto Summoner's Rift. 

There have been hints previously from Rioters themselves that it won't be much longer until Skarner's Visual and Gameplay Update is ready for everyone soon, but now we have evidence that his update is imminent. 

League of Legends: Assets For Skarner VGU Found On PBE

The PBE always releases 2 weeks ahead of the live patch, giving players a chance to test out changes and updates that Riot is planning. Right now we are on PBE Patch 14.6, while the live server patch is Patch 14.5. Within the PBE files, however, there are already changes that will come even later though, and one of those is the Skarner VGU

It seems that some data miners have looked around the files and found some evidence that Skarner's VGU is pretty close. New skin bios have made their way onto the PBE, which could mean that Skarner's VGU is ready to be added to the PBE very soon. 

Skarner 0
Say goodbye to this look Skarner. | © Riot Games

Riot have not revealed any official information on Skarner's information just yet and players can only speculate when the update is going to come out, but with new skin bios for Sandscourge, Guardian of the Sand and Battlecast all getting new lore it is only a matter of weeks until Skarner is going to be on live servers with a new look. 

We know that Riot have changed his region from Shurima to Ixtal and there has been some information on his kit before, but nothing more. It's likely that Skarner's VGU is either going to be released in LoL Patch 14.7 or 14.8 jduging by this new information on the PBE. Then we will finally get to see his new kit in its entirety. 

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