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League of Legends: Riot Give Update on Neeko Mid-Scope Update

Champions 27-02-2023 21:30
Bewitching Neeko
Neeko's Mid-Scope is going to be coming soon. | © Riot Games

Neeko's getting a Mid-Scope Update in 2023. That was revealed back in Summer of 2022 already and since then fans have patiently been waiting to see what Riot is going to be doing to freshen up her kit. 

Neeko overall is a cute champion with a cool in-game gimmick, but it just doesn't work well, so fans have been especially excited to know more about Neeko and how the League of Legends devs are going to make her an exciting mid lane champion, like what they did with Syndra not too long ago. 


League of Legends: Fans Receive Update on Neeko Mid-Scope

It feels like it's been ages since the League of Legends Season 13 start. The beginning of the 2023 season wasn't the best, with a botched trailer and the fans calling on the team to be more transparent, something Riot has actually been doing. 

There was one little thing though that did get fans excited and that was a few bread crumbs of information on upcoming champion reworks, especially the Neeko Mid-Scope Update

During the stream fans were shown how Neeko's abilities will change going forward. She will be able to turn into anything and everything on the rift now, which had fans excited, since they'd even be able to play things like prop hunt or something similar in custom games. 

After the MSU will Faker play her?

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Since then the team has stayed pretty quiet though, no new news revealed yet regarding Neeko and her approaching update. Thanks to Reddit though, we know a bit more about the Neeko MSU and when they're planning on releasing it. 

[Neeko] is still in development. I know you are all excited as the rework is really cool. But the tech for it is more complex then most mid scopes soshe is going to take a little longer. Should hopefully be something in spring. 

This makes complete sense, with Neeko being able to now turn into different plants, champions and animals on the map. So while we finally have some more information on the mid-scope update, we also have to be patient. 

We know that a new League of Legends champion will be released soon, probably around LoL Patch 13.6 or 13.7, so we predict Neeko to be released sometime between Milio, the new support and Naafiri, the Darkin assasin. 

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