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Riot Games Recieves Backlash from Content Creators After Disappointing Season 13 Cinematic

News 11-01-2023 11:43
Lo L Cinematic 2023
The Brink of Infinity Season 13 Cinematic | © Riot Games

Riot Games just released their League of Legends Season Cinematic for 2023, and fans were highly disappointed with what they saw. Now players, content creators, and even LoL casters have shared their unhappiness as well. 

Every year, League of Legends releases a season cinematic to hype up what is to come in the new season. Usually, this is the time when League fans can be excited for well-made animations showing the exciting world of Runeterra. This year, however, fans were displeased when the whole cinematic was basically just a drone shot of the Summoner's Rift combined with several quotes from various LoL champions

Fans were not slow to complain about how much worse the cinematic was this year compared to all the others made since 2018. It didn't take long before several influential people in the League of Legends scene came to show their dissatisfaction with the cinematic as well. 

Necrit, a League of Legends YouTuber who makes content about the LoL lore, made a whole video talking about the problems with the latest Riot releases titled "Wait... League is ACTUALLY Dying...

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In the video, he said this about the newest Season teaser:

We wanted another cinematic where we get to see our favorite champions in action, but instead, we got unreal engine tech demo.

Also, people in the League of Legends professional scene, like casters and players, had something to say about the disappointing season 13 cinematic.

Is Riot Games Prioritizing Other Games? 

LCK Interviewer Ashley Kang also mentioned the difference in Riot Games' apparent time spent with their other games, like Valorant, compared to League of Legends, judging by both the games' recent cinematics. 

Recently, Valorant received a well-made animation teasing one of their new maps called Lotus. Looking at this, and comparing it to the annual season cinematic in League, gives you an idea of what Ashley means. 

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That valorant trailer is 30 seconds of animation and the rest is just ingame footage...