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Riot.. what was that?

LoL Fans Extremely Disappointed with LoL Season 13 Start & Cinematic

Champions 10-01-2023 20:40
Lo L Cinematic 2023
This trailer was not it... | © Riot Games

Riot just released their Season 2023 cinematic and fans are pretty disappointed with the product, to say the least. Cinematics were the one thing all fans agreed on when it came to League of Legends, but it seems that this year, Riot decided to cut down and gave fans... something weird. 

Already before the cinematic dropped some fans on Twitter were apprehensive of what was to come, but none expected such a drop in quality. 


LoL Fans Believe Riot Has New Priorities 

Riot released their newest cinematic, The Brink of Infinity, and fans are not happy with the quality. While in previous years, fans got to witness insane battles in Runeterra and learn more about the lore of the game, this year's was the complete opposite. 

This year we got nothing more than a glorified drone show of Summoner's Rift while the voice actress of Powder from Arcane reads out a poem made out of LoL champion quotes. Don't get me wrong, she did great, but for a cinematic that should sell the game to players and let them know why they are still playing this thing it did the complete opposite. 

Just watch it below: 

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One YouTube comment with over 13K likes wrote, "After the 2022 cinematic, I can't even begin to explain how DISAPPOINTING this year's is". This sentiment was shared across every single social media platform with users on Twitter and Reddit also sharing their disappointment. 

Some have even started to wonder where the 'huge budget' went which Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent boasted about not too long ago. Sure, it could have gone into the new formats for both MSI and the World Championship, but it seems that still doesn't excuse the quality of the content LoL players have been receiving. 

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Trailer Shows Riot Does Not Care For Casual Players

The trailer shows off Summoner's Rift and a few of the most well-known shoutcaster moments were sprinkled in to try and breathe some life into this cinematic. This goes to show that Riot is pandering to those who are only therefore the solo queue grind and esports. 

Casual players have been feeling more and more left out, with Riot only repeating the same game modes over and over, not working on unique new events and some even feeling like ARAM, the only casual mode left, getting more competitive with the new changes. 

The lore and the world of Runeterra was the final thing left for casuals, but it seems that even this is being sucked out of League of Legends to make room for it in their other IPs, like the upcoming LoL MMORPG

Lack of Information on New Content 

During the broadcast of the upcoming LoL skins and champions, most fans were pretty disappointed to learn nothing new. No teaser for a new champion, not even much information on any new ASU's Riot is working on. 

Riot Brightmoon had to go on Twitter after the livestream aired to let fans know that Riot was working on a new ASU, but at the time of filming didn't have enough information yet for fans. 

Riot also didn't make any announcements regarding any events in 2023, and only revealed two skin lines for the upcoming year. Fans didn't even learn of the next mythic skin line which will be released once Ashen Knight Mordekaiser leaves the mythic shop. 

Overall, fans are going into 2023 less motivated than ever due to a lack of content from Riot. Fans believe that the company is focusing on other games, such as Wild Rift and VALORANT, leaving LoL in the dust after thirteen years. 

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