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Rell's MSU is soon!

LoL Patch 13.11: Rell Mid-Scope Update Coming To PBE

Champions 15-05-2023 11:25
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LoL Patch 13.11: Rell's Mid-Scope Update has a release date! | © Riot Games

Rell will have her mid-scope update released pretty soon according to Riot Games. Her in-game upgrade is planned for LoL Pathc 13.11 judging by some news on Twitter. 

Ivern's Mid-Scope is also pushed back to LoL Patch 13.11, so let's see how two Mid-Scope Updates in one patch will land with players and which of the two is going to gain more of an audience once the changes go live. 

LoL Patch 13.11: Rell Mid-Scope Update Going Live Soon

After Neeko's Mid-Scope Update, Riot have pushed out even more changes to unpopular champions. Ivern was supposed to have his update released with LoL Patch 13.10 on May 17, 2023, but players are going to have to wait another two weeks since it was announced to be delayed

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Now, it was also revealed that another champion's Mid-Scope is ready for the world to see and that is none other than our favorite support tank, Rell. 

Ever since her release in 2020 she's been pretty much ignored by the player base, but that could change with some of the changes Riot has planned for her. 

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Earlier this year, Riot revealed some of the changes they had planned for Rell. 

They are looking to make some changes to her mounted and dismounted form, to make this change more fun for players. Her Q will also be upgraded to include the stun from her E. 

She is also going to be getting some more attack speed and range when she is dismounted. This is going to be great, since her dismounted form has always felt very lacklustre due to the lack of speed she's got. 

Rell Mid-Scope Update Release

Rell will have her Mid-Scope Update released in LoL Patch 13.11. Riot Raptorr revealed in a tweet that she would be part of the next PBE and hit live servers on June 1, 2023. 

This means her MSU will go live along with the upcoming DRX League of Legends World Championship skins, if the release estimate of HLE top laner Kingen is correct. 

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