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LoL Patch 13.21: Seraphine Mains In Uproar After Proposed Changes

Champions 13-10-2023 18:05

The Seraphine community is not happy right now with the changes that Riot is proposing for LoL Patch 13.21. Will she move into the mid lane or be an awful support once the patch goes live?

Crystal Rose Seraphine
LoL Patch 13.21: First another Wild Rift exclusive and now heavy nerfs? | © Riot Games

Seraphine mains are not happy with Riot Games right now. First a brand-new Wild Rift exclusive skin gets revealed to the public, and now Riot is also making some huge changes to her kit in hopes of stopping her bot lane supremacy. 

Seraphine has been one of the best bot lane champions throughout the last year and now Riot is going to be making some major changes to her kit to try and make her a better mid laner than APC, but the Seraphine community is not happy with the proposed changes. 

LoL Patch 13.21: Seraphine AP Scaling Down 

Seraphine's AP scaling his been reduced across the board, while she scales better with experience. In solo lanes like the mid lane, the champion will gain experience far quicker in the bot lane, which is what Riot is hoping for. Her W heal has also been buffed to try and help her support role out. 

The Seraphine community is not happy with these changes though, calling on Riot to revert them on the PBE. Seraphine APC has been one of the best bot lane champions, and is very niche, with most bot laners still preferring marksmen. 

The Seraphine bot lane army though feels that Riot is trying to restrict what can be played in the role and aren't happy with the changes at all. 

KDA Seraphine all skins
Seraphine just doesn't feel fun to play with these changes. | © Riot Games

Base Stats

  • Health Growth: 104 >>> 90
  • Base Mana: 440 >>> 360
  • Mana Growth: 40 >>> 50
  • Base Mana Regen: 8 >>> 11.5
  • Mana Regen Growth: 1 >>> .4
  • Base Armor: 19 >>> 26
  • Attack Speed Growth: 1% >>> 2%

Q - High Note

  • Base Damage: 55 - 115 >>> 60 - 160
  • AP Ratio: 45% - 65% >>> 45% flat
  • Cooldown: 10 - 5 seconds >>> 9 - 5

W - Surround Sound

  • Base Shield: 50 - 130 >>> 60 - 200
  • Heal no longer scales with 0.4% per 100 AP missing HP

E - Beat Drop

  • Base Damage: 60 - 140 >>> 60 - 180
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds flat >>> 11 - 9
  • Mana Cost: 60 - 100 >>> 60 - 80

When Seraphine was released she was intended as a scaling mid lane mage. She should be a great utility pick for the mid lane who can help out in teamfights thanks to her damage and stuns, rather than go and roam the map like assassin's or other mid laners. 

She is also at her best when she has some form of support, whether that is from a literal support champion or jungler, which is why she fit perfectly into the role of APC. Unfortunately, it seems like Riot is going to be changing that in LoL Patch 13.21. But will she be a good mid laner or will she just be forced into the support role with these changes? 

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