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So we're getting a hot fix every patch now?

TFT: Hot Fix For Patch 13.20 Is Live

News 13-10-2023 16:15

To the surprise of no-one, Mortdog rolled out a hot fix patch. Multicaster was just slightly too strong, eh?

TFT 9 5 reforged header
Multicasters are getting hot fixed. |©Riot Games

Patch 13.20 was a bit overturned, so the hot fix brings some balance to the world of TFT. Nilah and Multicasters have just been way too dominating, while champions like Azir and Fiona were falling behind. 

Champion Nerfs


  • Cleave Damage: 65/65/100% AD >>> 55/55/100% AD
  • Stacking Attackspeed: 20% >>> 18%

Twisted Fate

  • Explosion Damage: 210/315/490% AP >>> 185/275/435%

Nilah has been bonkers. With the triple RFC, she basically is the only actually very relevant 4-cost carry. 

Twisted Fate has been performing way too well in the Galio + 4 Multicasters comp. This comp gets nerfed even further this patch. But well, it's deserved.

Azir Classic
Will Shurima rise again? |©Riot Games

Champion Buffs


  • Attackspeed: 0.75 >>> 0.8


  • Resists: 40 >>> 45


  • Mana: 40/120 >>> 60/120

4 cost carries not named Nilah have been falling behind. This is an attempt to make them more viable again. 

Items Nerfs

Absolution (Radiant Redemption)

  • Health: 300 >>> 200
  • Damage Reduction: 15% >>> 10%

With Galio guaranteeing to have Absolution as an item, it's just way too strong. The item itself has been one of the highest WR Radiant Items for all of TFT Set 9.5 and having it guaranteed feels unfair. This is another nerf to the Multicasters. 

Trait Nerfs


  • 4 Multicaster Reduced Effectiveness: 20% >>> 25%

And here we have a direct nerf for Multicasters.

Galio Thumbnail
Galio isn't as huge anymore |©Riot Games

Augment Nerfs


  • Damage Amp: 3% >>> 2,5%

Swain is getting nerfed as well.

Petricite Shackles

  • Bonus Damage: 22% >>> 18%

This is a nerf to the vertical Demacia comp.

Scoped Weapons

  • Disabled

Another Nerf for Nilah. She just used Scoped Weapons way too well, what nearly no-one else did though. 

I'm excited to play ranked again. Honestly, I just stopped as those two comps were way too overpowering.

Hopefully, we'll see some more Shurima.

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