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LoL Patch 13.23: Vel'Koz Mains Unhappy With Proposed Champion Buffs

Champions 15-11-2023 16:35

Vel'Koz mains have been protesting against Riot throughout the last few weeks and finally it felt like they were heard, only for the buffs to be extremely lackluster. 

Arclight Velkoz
LoL Patch 13.23: Vel'Koz should be getting buffed but not like this. | © Riot Games

Vel'Koz is receiving buffs in LoL Patch 13.23, which has some players excited, but when Riot Phroxzon revealed the actual changes... most of the Vel'Koz player base was rather disappointed with what Riot will be changing on the champion, instead of looking where he is truly lacking. 

The champion is immobile and unfun to play, with a few simple adjustments to his kit he could be a great champion again, at least the community thinks so, but Riot will not be making any of the suggested changes from Vel'Koz mains. 

LoL Patch 13.23: Vel'Koz Mains Unhappy With Simple Passive Changes

In the upcoming League of Legends patch, Vel'Koz will finally get some attention from the balance team. For weeks now, Vel'Koz players have been asking for something to be done about the champion, since he's felt extremely weak and unfun to play, even for those who have mained him for a long time. 

When his name was on the list of champions to be buffed hope had risen within the community, only for to be crushed when the damage numbers on his passive – applying stacks of Organic Deconstruction with full stacks causing the enemy to take a burst of true damage. 

Blackfrost velkoz
Vel'Koz does not look this epic when you're playing him. | © Riot Games

This has prompted one final attempt from a Challenger Vel'Koz main, Azzapp, to plead with the balance team one more time to hopefully get a few more issues with the champion looked at in future patches. In a long and extensive Reddit post Azzapp explained that the Vel'Koz E bug has not been looked into, which has been experiencing bugs for a while already. 

Azzapp went on to explain that the community doesn't want Vel'Koz to simply receive some AP ratio buffs or flat out damage buffs, but that they want Vel'Koz to have some more skill expression in his kit with more impact on a game's win or loss. In Vel'Koz' current state, the community does not think he can sway the game at all, not when he is playing bad or good. 

 Here are some key ideas Azzapp had for Vel'Koz in the future: 

  • Lower damage on Q but add execution based on split, distance travelled, enemy missing HP
  • Landing double Q should be rewarded, the easiest option is to add more stacks, could be longer slow
  • Landing back to back Q on the same target within 7 seconds should apply an extra stack
  • Hitting passive on a target amplifies your damage by 1% towards that target, or converts a % of your damage to true versus that enemy for the rest of the game
  • Making E and W not projectiles while increasing E animation speed/flight speed by ~10%

The general community has agreed that these are great ideas for Vel'Koz and would make him a better, more fun champion to play and could add some skill expression to his kit. 

Vel'Koz is a great champion with a cool gimmick, but on Summoner's Rift he doesn't feel like the giant Void monster he is supposed to be right now, taking away from his identity. Hopefully, Riot can take some of these suggestions from Azzapp and turn them into reality, to give Vel'Koz his fantasy back. 

Perhaps, the balance team is waiting to see how he will synergize with the update to items in the 2024 Preseason, which could mean that we will have to wait until Season 14 to truly get some adjustments to Vel'Koz' kit. 

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