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LoL Arena Will Likely Become A Permanent Game Mode

More 08-11-2023 17:47

A new permanent game mode might be coming to League of Legends. Some new information on the Public Beta Environment hints at Arena becoming a permanent mode in the LoL client.

Shop Arena In Lo L Arena
LoL Arena could become permanent! | © Riot Games

Earlier in 2023 Riot launched a brand-new game mode, Arena, which quickly took over the League of Legends client and had everyone logging in to play. Well, the game mode is returning and we might never have to say goodbye to it again, with some people believing that it'll become a permanent game mode.

So, what has made fans so excited and hopeful that Arena is going to be here to stay? Well, the hints are already on the Public Beta Environment. 

LoL Arena Could Be New Permanent Game Mode

Arena is a lot of fun. Pitting yourself and a friend against three other pairs of players is super interesting and brings out the best in one's play. When the mode was first active during the 2023 Summer Event, one question was on everyone's mind, "is it going to be permanent?" 

This seems to be the case, because when you look at the PBE for Patch 13.23, Arena now has it's own icon in the League of Legends client. Other rotating game modes don't get this luxury, hence why many believe Arena will become a permanent game mode after Patch 13.24. 

Soul Fighter Pyke
Pyke returns as a cameo. | © Riot Games

While it isn't confirmed whether Arena is going to be stay in the client after this exact run, but it is highly likely that sometime in 2024 we can see the game mode stick around. 

The game modes and balance team will likley use this second run to make a few more tweaks and adjustments, as well as look at player retention for Arena before they decide when they will make it permanent and what balance changes they'll make. 

The community is pretty excited though, so it'll be interesting to see how many will play Arena in the second run of the game mode. One thing is for sure, I'm banning Heimerdinger at all costs.

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