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LoL: Recent Changes Made Forgotten Top Laner OP In Patch 13.21

Champions 26-10-2023 16:25

One League of Legends champion received insane changes throughout the last two patches and has gone from zero to hero within the span of a few weeks. 

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LoL: One champion received some major changes and now he's OP. | © Riot Games

K'Sante has been a nightmare for both players and the balance team ever since he was released in late 2022. Sure, he looks cool, has great lore, but he also dominated the professional League of Legends-scene while being completely unplayable in solo queue. 

Well in LoL Patch 13.20 Riot decided to make some major adjustments to K'Sante, while even buffing him in the next patch. His win rate and play rate has shot through the roof, but is everyone happy with the changes and adjustments? 

LoL: Changes To K'Sante Make Him Most Popular Top Lane Pick

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K'Sante has become one of the best champions in the game after his buffs. | © Riot Games

In LoL Patch 13.20, Riot decided to tackle the problem child of 2022 – K'Sante. The champion was a pretty weak solo queue champion, but a single buff and he would be the most picked champion in pro-play. It was a mess to balance this champion, hence why Riot has decided that he was in need of a small kit change. 

Well, that small change was pretty huge, with Riot changing up his base stats, making him squishier early on, with higher health growth and armor growth as the game went on. Along with those changes, Riot also adjusted his passive, his Q - Ntofo Strikes, W - Path Maker and his ultimate. 

The changes added more skill expression to the champion, with players hoping that Riot will now be able to balance K'Sante through his numbers. Well it seems that the changes from Patch 13.20, as well as the subsequent buffs in Patch 13.21 have done the champion some good. 

In LoL Patch 13.19, K'Sante sat at a 46% win rate with a 4% play rate according to stats site In just a few weeks those numbers have drastically shot up with him now sitting at a 52% win rate with a play rate of almost 12%. 

Of course, not everyone is happy with these changes. Team Liquid content creator and former pro player Bwipo pointed out, "who would have guessed k'sante would be the most broken champion in the game after making him strictly stronger in every situation except the ones where he cheeses people." 

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Basically, K'Sante was buffed on all levels and while it isn't a direct buff to pro play, him being more consistent will eventually help the champ in the professional scene as well. We're going to have to wait until the 2023 Demacia Cup or even the 2024 season to see though. 

K'Sante is tearing up solo queue across all levels, with Team Heretics jungler Jankos also already feeling the power of the new and improved K'Sante. 

So, will you be testing out K'Sante and becoming a top lane main or are you going to perma-ban the now OP champion? 

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