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LoL: Riot Pls Delete K'Sante

Champions 07-01-2024 12:00

Sometimes, League of Legends can get you really emotional, both in the positive and negative direction. Today, we'll focus on the latter and discuss a champion that straight up shouldn't be in the game in the first place. 

Prestige K Sante
Riot, pls delete K'Sante! | © Riot Games

We got tons of really cool champions in League of Legends with at least one special feature on them. However, some champion concepts are overstepping the mark and the Pride of Nazumah is definitely one of them, making streamers, Esports players and regular LoL players go crazy. And I am one of them, since I'm an ADC main getting tired of being oneshotted by a literal full tank. 

So, without further ado, here are the reasons why K'Sante could be one of the worst additions in LoL and why Riot should delete this bloody animal.

LoL: 5 Reasons Why Riot Should Delete K'Sante

1. High Mobility As A Full Tank?

Empyrean K Sante skin
Worst champ design in League history. | © Riot Games

I don't know what Riot smokes, but giving a full tank mobility in a total of 3 of his spells is just ridiculous. With such high ability to move, it becomes rough to punish K'Sante correctly, since he can literally go and do what the hell he wants without any consequences. 

Don't get me wrong, it can be fun and interesting to see new champion concepts from Riot. But this one is just awful, since they tried to create a complex champion in form of a full tank, attracting more players for this role and made it one of the most broken champions that are currently in the game. 

2. Feels Like Lag

Heartsteel Ksante
I'm certain nobody likes you, K'Sante. | © Riot Games

Playing against K'Sante is not just annoying because of his 100 dashes, but also due to his possibilities to push you around with his abilities. And it will make you feel like you're literally lagging, since you're unable to move at all and getting shifted to and fro.

And even better? If you get R-ed, you will be teleported elsewhere. This leads to an unexpected change to your camera perspective. Feelsgreatman.

3. One Shotting You Without Damage Items

As already mentioned, K'Sante will take you on a 'mAgiCal JouRnEy' just like Bard with his E when he ults you and teleports you to the other side of the wall together with him. The following video will demonstrate (headphone warning):

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After that, he will turn into an assassin. Yes, a goddamn assassin. Without the need of any offensive items at all, he will be able to destroy you in a 1v1 he forced you into. By using his R, he loses a certain amount of HP, armor and MR and turns its defensive stats to Attack Damage and Omnivamp.

Seems like a lot of fun, getting assassinated by a literal full tank any time he pleases to! Good job Riot!

4. What To Build Versus K'Sante

Now, you may ask, how do I itemize against a champ that can change its stats whenever he wants to? can't. You just can't. K'Sante deals literally any kind of damage. You decide: he got true damage, magic damage, attack damage and even scales with bonus armor, MR and HP. He got it all! Great...

But that's not all, no, no! On top of that, he grants Ability Haste on his abilities the more armor and MR he got, got abilities that cost like no mana, has an airbone, can get unstoppable and more and more and more. Showmaker will 'happily' summarize for you!

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5. OP Or Useless

K'Sante is just a one-year-old champ and already got 15 changes behind him. Not only that, but a good third of his changes include huge adjustments which literally look like a champion rework due to tons of new information.

I can tell you that this champ will rather be useless or completely broken, there is no in between. He won't ever be balanceable, since he got everything in his kit and scales with almost everything you could imagine. On top of that, he can change his appearance from a full tank to a legit assassin. How the f*ck do you think is this going to work out?!

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This 'hit or miss incident' seems to emerge pretty often with newer champs. Good examples are Yuumi, Aphelios, Zeri, Briar or the newest addition to the League roster Hwei. These champs are rough to balance. They all got extraordinary mechanics with their own twist. Seems like we're onto something with this trend: the more complex and unique the champ, the trickier it is to keep things balanced.

Maybe it's time we remove the first champion in League of Legends history. So, Riot pls delete K'Sante!

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