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LoL: Riot Pls Delete Yone

Champions 30-12-2023 14:00

League of Legends always gets the emotions going. Whether it's about your longest win streak or the most unfortunate streak of inting teammates, some things are bound to get a rise out of everyone.

Inkshadow Yone
LoL: Yone is my personal nemesis. | © Riot Games

Most League of Legends characters are cool in at least one way and while the double katana wielding half-demon certainly is a really cool concept, and he looks amazing, I just can't stand playing versus him. I don't mind Yasuo players mashing their E buttons as soon as a wave enters their peripheral vision, but Yone just makes me angry.

I'm sure It's not just me, so feel free to let me know whether you agree with the reasons why Yone should be deleted.

Or... if you're of a different opinion:

LoL: 4 Reasons Riot Should Delete Yone 

Of course, Riot will not delete Yone, but I can still vent a bit and state the reasons why I think that way.

Lethal Tempo

Lo L Yone love
Yone is by far the more annoying wind brother. | © Riot Games

Why Riot did you make Yone that way that his cooldowns scale down with his attack speed. Usually you are able to counter the wind sh*tters early game because they are slow and attack slow, but with Lethal Tempo, Yone is allowed to only have a 6-second cooldown shield. 

Like…what?? His Q already has a really low cooldown and even if he misses everything and just auto attacks you, he is bound to hit you with a knock-up eventually.

Yone's Trade Pattern

Yone R
"Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" - NANI!? | © Riot Games

Who in the right mind thought that initializing a trade with a knock up was a good idea? It's literally Malphite`s whole kit, and Yone can do it every 5 seconds. Not to mention that you are taking mixed damage combined with true damage and Yone's guaranteed escape with his E snap back. 

Incredibly anti-fun to play against as you cannot contest any waves because he will hit you with a knock up while pushing the wave and force you to last hit under tower. Where he can continue to poke you until he only has to stack his knock-up and all ins you with Ult.

Why Is Yone So Tanky?

Yone players have realized that building crit isn't even necessary anymore, so they have gone with a Blade of the Ruined King path. Since you can't contest him in his wave push, he will just freely heal with a 900 gold Vampiric Scepter. And if that wasn't enough already, most Yone will build Hullbreaker to further win in the side lane.

So how are you meant to kill a character that you cannot engage on, because he has a permanent shield and out-damages you, can freely heal back up and out-pushes you with Hullbreaker? Well, you tell me because I don't know.

jUsT bUy ArMoR

Yone ingame
Double the blades. Double the damage. Why?? | © Riot Games

Two Words: Mixed Damage. 

Let's take a step back and think about what Yone's kit has to offer, and what we could do to make it even better? Infinite knock-ups, low cooldown shields, a true damage miniature Zed Ult and a long range knock-up ultimate. A champion that primarily buys attack speed and focuses on hitting you multiple times. What could this champion possibly need to feel fair and balanced to play against?

Exactly, take away the ability to counter it with Armor! Yone has two different swords and while one of them deals normal attack damage the other one does magic damage so even if you buy armor, Yone will still be able to inflict loads of damage to you.

Yone just feels like a main character champion and while he looks absolutely amazing and the lore is fantastic, I just can't stand playing against him in the top and mid lane. The trade patterns are insufferable and even if you manage to outplay him you will need to face a much tankier Hhullbreaker Yone in the side lane. Just boring.

Riot pls delete Yone.

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