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Which teams could be an option for him?

LoL Pro Player Rekkles Teamless For The First Time Since 2012: Who Will Sign Him?

News 13-10-2023 12:55

Rekkles is one of the most well-known players in all of Europe. Now he announced his departure from Fnatic.

Rekkles Lo L
Rekkles is out of FNC |©Riot Games
That's a double, he's looking for more. That's a triple, he's looking for four. That's a Quadra, he will get it. The reset forward, looking for a Pentakill. We're in Sweden. PENTAKILL!!!!!! 

Aaah, the good old memories are coming back. Martin “Rekkles” Larsen is the most legendary European ADC of all time and was the face of Fnatic for ages. Now he has swapped to support but  the question remains whether he will play competitively again.

LoL: Rekkles' Legacy Explained

Rekkles began his career at the age of 15 with the team “Playing Ducks”, where he played for only a month. He was then picked up by Fnatic as their starting ADC. 

Due to new rules for player age restrictions in the EU LCS, he had to move to FNC Beta before starting for FNC again in 2013. 

After an impactful year there, he joined Alliance, which rebranded to Elements in 2015. Since this split didn’t go well for him, he decided to join FNC again and stayed there for another 5-years, which marked his time as the face of the org.

Rekkles G2
G2 Rekkles was not what everyone expected |©Riot Games

In November 2020, he was acquired by G2, who wanted to form a superteam to win worlds. This experiment failed horribly, as the G2 member and Rekkles weren't able to get on the same page. Rekkles was dropped after failing to even qualify for Worlds. 

After that, he was bought out by the French organization Karmine Corp, which resulted in happy KCorp fans, but this didn’t bring the success they wished for.

In 2022, he reunited with FNC for a third time but announced in April 2023 that he wished to role swap to support. He was in discussions with some teams, but apparently no one wanted to take the risk of adding a freshly role-swapped player to their roster while there were safer options available. This is only speculation though.

So, Rekkles was still under contract with FNC, but they decided to play Trymbi as their support and sign the SoloQ prodigy Noah as their ADC.

Rekkles' Roleswap To Support

Even before officially role swapping to Support, Rekkles would choose 'Support' as his first choice to make sure that if he did receive the ADC role he would be with a support main, rather than an autofilled support player. If he ended up getting Support when the queue popped, then he would play that naturally. His Janna was well-known on the EU server.

However, despite his SoloQ experience, he had little to no competitive experience as a support, which is why he didn’t end up with a team in the LEC.

On October 12, Rekkles posted a tweet announcing that he was leaving FNC.

In his post, Rekkles expressed that he is scared of the future but also excited about what it could bring. His wish is to play in the LEC again in the next split, as he has trained hard in the support role over the last 5 months. He also believes that his personality is much better suited for the support role. However, Rekkles is still open to playing ADC for a team.

Rekkles also provided insights into his personality, stating that he sees everything in black and white but always tries his best to help his team win. He is working on this black and white thinking and hopes that teams will still give him a chance.

Which Teams Could Consider Rekkles?

Who could want to give Rekkles' Janna a try? |©Riot Games

Rekkles’ future in the League of Legends esports scene is uncertain. The top teams are content with their current supports, making it difficult for Rekkles to find a new team.

G2 has the best support in Western Europe, Trymbi is the shotcaller of FNC, and BDS is currently also at Worlds and unlikely to make changes to their roster.

MAD Lions won’t let go of Hyllisang and will only consider changes to the ADC position at most.

Team Heretics could use a new support. However, since Jankos didn’t really get along with Rekkles at G2, it’s questionable whether Rekkles will play there. But since Jankos is considering retirement, this could be an option for Rekkles.

Astralis has a mechanically extremely talented support in JeongHoon, but they may want to develop a larger fanbase through the merge with KCorp. Thus, Rekkles would be an option here.

SK Gaming’s botlane are very good friends, so they probably don’t want to split them up.

XL could consider a support swap in general since LIMIT is not consistent. However, he is also the main shotcaller here, so Rekkles would not be a good replacement.

KOI already considered Rekkles last split, so Rekkles could be a good replacement for Advienne. However, this would probably not be an upgrade but only a sidegrade.

And last but not least, Team Vitality. The actual superteam couldn’t show anything again this split. Changes in the midlane and support would make sense here since Perkz is simply no longer at his peak and Kaiser isn’t delivering the performance that a player of his caliber should.

In my opinion, possible options for Rekkles are Astralis/KCorp, Team Heretics, KOI and Vitality. He could also possibly receive an offer from MAD Lions as an ADC.

However, it’s important to note that this does not guarantee that any team will sign him. If a team want's to generate views, it could be a smart pick-up though.

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