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Faker is just too good!

MSI 2023: Faker's Ankle-Breaking Outplay Could Be Play Of The Tournament

Champions 15-05-2023 14:45
Faker on ksante
MSI 2023: Did Faker have the play of the tournament? | © Riot Games

"Faker what was that" is one of the most well-known memes in League of Legends. Ten years since his debut and it seems that the veteran player still has the mechanics to make casters shout those exact words or just leaves them speechless. 

During the second round of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, T1 faced off against Gen.G and Faker made quite a few insane plays, but one in particular left everyone in awe. 

MSI 2023: "I Thought He Was 100% Dead There" Faker Leaves Casters Speechless

Faker might not have played some of his longtime signature picks like LeBlanc with which he's made a name for himself during the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational thus far, but he continues to impress fans all around the world. 

During game 5 of the series, Faker was on K'Sante duty and while the champion is extremely mobile and has the ability to solo kill anyone, he's still a tank. 

Around the 10-minute mark, Peanut, on Poppy, came in for a gank, with Chovy, on Ahri, starting the skirmish off in the mid lane with his Everfrost. From the first moment everything pointed at an easy Gen.G kill. 

A low health Faker uses K'Sante's ultimate to transport Peanut with him over into the raptor camp. He fights the Poppy, while Chovy walks over to help get the kill. With the arrival of Chovy all looked lost for the veteran. 

Ahri uses her Q, flashes closer to Faker to make sure the Q's true damage lands, but at the perfect moment Faker flashed behind him, then used K'Sante's E to move over the wall and out of danger.

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The play left, not only the casters in the arena speechless, but also Caedrel who was co-streaming the match on his Twitch. While both mid laners did use their flashes, the play left everyone impressed with the quick thinking. 

Had Faker flashed a second too early Chovy could have flashed after him and had he done so a second too late he would have gotten clipped by Ahri's Q. 

This just goes to show that even at an older age in esports, you can still style on the younger opposition. 

T1 went on to win the series and they will be facing off against the LPL first seed, JDG in the upper bracket finals on Thursday, May 18, 2023. 

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