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MSI 2023: Faker Breaks New Record At The Tournament

Esports 10-05-2023 15:30
Faker MSI 2023 Day 1
MSI 2023: Faker breaks another record. | © Riot Games

The second day of the Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage has kicked off with T1 playing against the MAD Lions. This game will determine who plays against Gen.G in the second round of the upper bracket and who will face G2 Esports in the lower bracket of the tournament. 

With the second game of the best of five, Faker has been able to make a whole new record that only a player of his prestige can achieve. 

MSI 2023: Faker Sets New Record

Game 2 of the MAD Lions and T1 series set a whole new record for the most well-known League of Legends player in the world. This game makred his 200th international appearance. With 3 World Championships, as well as one MSI trophy, Faker is the most decorated player in history. 

He's also got multiple second-place finishes at both the World Championship, as well as MSI, which just goes to show how good he's played throughout his career, earning himself 200 games at the international events. 

T1 managed to beat MAD in the first game of the best-of-five series, which then led to the second match which is when Faker managed to set this new record. How many more international games will he play? 

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