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Will Riot Release a New Champion from Ixtal?

Champions 19-07-2022 18:00
Qiyana no Skin
Who else is from Ixtal? | © Riot Games

Ixtal is one of the most forgotten regions in League of Legends. Only a handful of champions come from this mystical part of Runeterra, but now it seems like we might get more insight into this unique part of the Shuriman continent

Recently, lead gameplay producer, Reav3 has gone on Reddit and stated that fans can expect more Ixtal representation in the future. Will the next champion be from Ixtal, or how long will we have to wait for some more champions from this specific region in Runeterra? 


When Was the Last Ixtal Champion Released? 

The last champion from Ixtal to be added to the roster of League of Legends champions was none other than Qiyana back in 2019, right before teh 2019 League of Legends World Championship in Europe. She got a True Damage skin pretty early on as well. 

This means it's been 3-years since we got a new champion from the region which already has a sparse 6 champions. Seriously, did Riot forget that Ixtal exists for a while and just dropped the region

Will the Next Champion Be From Ixtal? 

The next League of Legends champion likely will not actually be from Ixtal. In the latest Champion Roadmap from April, Reav3 teased Bel'Veth, who is from the Void, as well as Nilah, who is from a brand-new region from an unknown eastern continent. 

A third champion was also teased and they have been revealed to be a champion from Shurima, but a region of the continent we haven't explored yet, which means that a new Ixtal champion being released in 2022 is highly unlikely. 

On Reddit, a fan did state that they have been pretty disappointed in the Ixtal representation from Riot, especially since the region has a similar culture to that of South America and with League of Legends having so many players and fans from the region it is even more upsetting. Riot Reav3 replied to this comment stating that "we [Riot] are for sure going to do some in that space soon". 

When Can We Expect a New Champion from Ixtal?

With the next Shuriman champion being released sometime late 2022 or early 2023, we will have to wait a bit longer for a new champion from Ixtal. There is no information on this champion yet except for the confirmation of Reav3 that something from that area is going to be added to the game soon. 

In Riot terms though, soon can mean anything from a month to one or two years if we're being honest. So, who is going to be released first the full-fledged monster champion or this champ from Ixtal... or maybe they're the same champ? 

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