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Double standards all around eh?

Rioter Unbans Himself After Getting Banned For Inting Games

News 24-11-2022 23:45
Triumphant Ryze Skin Splash Art
I guess Ryze can Realm Warp himself out of a ban | © Riot Games

Only recently, Riot Games instated a variety of ways where players have some of the League of Legends functions restricted. Whether it's just the chat for the duration of one match or an outright ban, it's grating on the player base's nerves.

However, for Rioters, it seems that ruining matches for the others on their team doesn't bring consequences. As we've seen from the series of events that took place recently.

Riot Phlox Removes His Ban

Riot Phlox is the face we are used to seeing when the intricacies of balance changes are introduced by Riot Games, either via Twitter for the patch previews, or the preseason spotlight.

However, it seems that he is not without fault when it comes to self-favoritism. The past week he has gone on a spree of Ryze games, where he was flagged by Riot Games' automatic system for inting games, due to numerous matches ending with double-digit deaths.

Following this, a Reddit post on the official League of Legends subreddit saw the light of day, detailing this exact thing.

He may have inted, but he's not toxic at least | © Riot Games

Immediately after that, on his it was revealed that his games have not experienced any delay, meaning that he has been unbanned immediately.

This prompted League of Legends fans to call the developer out for hypocrisy, especially since in his Twitter bio it states: "No, I can't unban you". Seems like that applies only to us, the regular plebs, and not Rioters.

All of this is further confirmed by a picture that has seen the light of day, which was sent into a discord chat, of Riot Phlox's account getting banned, where he states, seemingly jokingly: "Guess I shouldn't have played Ryze".

To make matters worse, this is not the first time where in-game consequences did not translate to the accounts of Rioters, or even worse, the instance where beating a Rioter in a game meant the nerf of your main champion, as was the case with Davemon, the number one Pyke player, and Riot Galaxysmash, which is an open secret at this point.

Then again, if Ryze gets some additional buffs soon, we'll know who stands behind them.

Riot Introduce Profanity Punishments

Meanwhile, while Rioters are getting banned for inting games, and then those very same bans have absolutely no consequences, Riot Games are punishing players for in-game profanity.

Now, don't get us wrong, profanity is by no means a good thing, and curbing it is a valuable goal. But, the way Riot are approaching this is a bit on the nose, seeing that some words that are already part of the League vernacular are punished, even in a context that is not necessarily negative, without giving the players any way to dispute the ban.

All the while, inting and griefing is a rising issue. At the very least, this is definitely not a good look Riot Games!

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I think it speaks volumes that these companies ban people for " being bad " while you think the penalizes players into playing better, you are completely unaware that you are acting as a gatekeeper for your game. It's not more competitive, it's less.
For example, trying to play league of legends, no experience, not much to go on other than gameplay footage, downloads tries it out. I do terrible first match, I feed like crazy, but that's kind of to be expected by a new player, plays a second match, does significantly better, but still terrible, gets a 15 or 1 hour ban for being shit, waits it out , 3rd match, do better but still terrible, banned for feeding for a day..... " fuck this game.... can't even learn ? "
That's where you guys are, banning people for 0.75 kdr and such. Lol


Seems like a bunch of BS about nothing? If he is in charge of balance how do you know he wasnt trying new things and finding out the champion has limited utility


I've never played this game, can somebody explain to me what's going on? You can get banned for just being terrible at the game? Or is this him just being intentionally terrible?


Inting is intentionally feeding. Ryze sucks ass, he probably got misflagged by the system because of the double digit death count in his games. Their system is flawed.


Yey, explain a specific not-normally-used-outside-this-nerd-dom word with another. So "inting" is "feeding". Good to know. What is "feeding"?


Intentional Feeding/Inting means Intentionally dying to give the enemy a lead to make it easier for them to win. Essentially sabotaging the game for your team.