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Riot Working on Sustain and Fighter Changes in Early League of Legends Season 13

Champions 04-01-2023 16:05
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Why do fighters have so much god damn sustain anyways? | © Riot Games

The LoL Patch 13.1 notes were just released so we know what is heading our way as LoL Season 13 kicks off in the coming days. But, we also got some more information on what Riot is planning on adding to the game in the coming weeks and what some of their focus points are. 

Of course, we know that our favorite LoL support, Yuumi, will be getting a slight rework and some huge changes, but there are a few more champions that seem way too OP and have been so for a long time. 


Fighters Sustain to be Adjusted in Early LoL Season 13 

Yuumi is getting a large update in Season 13 and while she is getting nerfed in LoL Patch 13.1, it'll take some time until those big adjustments get added to the game. There is another whole set of champions though that have made playing League of Legends less fun in recent times. 

That class is none other than fighter champions in League of Legends. They're high-risk and high-reward champions that enjoy skirmishing and fighting, gaining the upper hand thanks to their durable builds and their high damage output. 

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Now the thing is, that they aren't supposed to be squishy like ADC's, but they also shouldn't be able to tank as many hits as a tank and still come out on top. In recent times though it has felt like fighters are the new tanks, with an added mountain of damage in their kit though that has made them impossible to play against. 

Champions like Irelia, Darius and Diana just won't die and with the addition of the new tank items, Jak'Sho and Heartsteel, it seems like they're even more unkillable than ever before. Their short range, which should be their weakness don't even matter when facing off against long ranged champions since no amount of damage can take them down. 

One of the issues with Bruisers has been the amount of healing and sustain they've been given, which means that they can take a critical hit and before they die, heal back up thanks to their innate sustain, thus making it feel unfair to play them. 

Well, it seems like Riot is looking to make some adjustments at the start of LoL Season 13. Riot Phlox sent out a tweet along with the LoL Patch 13.1 patch notes stating that "[they're] also looking into doing some changes to sustain in the fighter system." 

These changes should be live within the next few patches, but nothing official has been revealed just yet. We should expect more information though in the coming weeks. So, what will be adjusted first? Yuumi or the bruisers in League of Legends? 

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