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League of Legends Most Annoying Champion Is Getting A Rework

Champions 17-12-2022 16:00
Yuumi Patch 11 20 Bewitching skin
The whole community is hyped! | © Riot Games

Yuumi is probably the most controversial champion in all of League of Legends. With her gold to damage ratio out of this world, as well as the untargetability which makes her unkillable as long as one of her allies is around... all of it has made players want to rip their hair out. 

Now, Riot is shedding some light on their plans for the cat champion and how they will fix her through a rework. But are these the changes the community wants for this champion? 


LoL: Yuumi Finally Getting Reworked

We need to face the reality and that is that Riot will not be reworking her W ability. Riot believe that the fact that she can stay attached to another champion for as long as she wants is what makes her stand out and makes her unique. 

In high skill play, Yuumi players have learned to optimize unattaching to trade their own health to accompany trades. Combined with frequently unattaching to trigger their shield off cooldown, Yuumi lanes simply had more health to trade versus enemies so that even hyper aggressive opponents like Draven and Lucian struggled against the cat

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While low elo players did not play around Yuumi's passive, the pros exploited her being untargetable, and utilized the short bursts when she wasn't attached to boost her shield and passive, making her one of the prime picks at both the 2021 and 2022 World Championships. 

Abilites Riot Is Focusing On In Yuumi Rework

Riot will try to focus on her abilty to engage thanks to her Q and R, as well as her strong passive which makes her one of the best pro play picks in the game, something we've all witnessed over the last two years. 

Riot is going to try and change Yuumi's win conditions around. Right now, Yuumi can lose lane, but scale into a beast so the early game means nothing to her, so she might become more reliant on a good early game where she will have to do more than just sit atop her ADC and press E everyon once in a while. 

Right now, the rework is still in the early stages, but expect it at some point in the first or second quarter of 2023. 

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