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Skarner's VGU Ultimate Has Been Leaked

Earthrune Skarner
Skarner is definitely in need of some upgrades. | © Riot Games

Rell's mid-scope update has just been leaked and shortly after a part of Skarner's VGU has also been revealed to the public by leakers. If you're one of the ten Skarner mains still out there you should definitely keep reading. 

At the start of 2022 Riot let the community vote on the next champion VGU after Udyr's update. Skarner won the poll by a landslide, leaving Shyvana in second place once more. After radio silence since April we've now got some more information on the VGU thanks to a leaker. 


Part of Skarner's VGU Leaked

 The leaker that also revealed Rell's mid-scope update has been hard at work also revealing a test ultimate for Skarner, who is set to get a Visual and Gameplay Update in 2023. If the Rell mid-scope update is real, then this is likely also a legitimate new ultimate for Skarner. 

It is important to note that this is only a test ultimate and things can drastically change as Riot continues to work on the champion VGU so it's important to take every piece of information with a grain of salt. 

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Skarner's New Ultimate Revealed 

Unfortunately, unlike with the Rell leaks, we've only received information on one ability from Skarner, which is his ultimate. Let's check out what the new ultimate could possibly do though. 

  • Skarner impales a small area in front of them, Abducting enemy champions hit for 1 second dealing physical damage and additional magic damage to all abducted targets. 
  • While abducting, Skarner can move and will drag their helpless victims around with them. Skarner maintains bonus move speed from Brackern's Rend for the duration of the abduction. 

This ability is already much improved from the previous iteration of Skarner. Since you'll be able to CC more than one target. This is going to be an AoE ability that will be able to pull in multiple targets. 

Opponents will also be able to dodge this ability since it will be an AoE pull. With the current iteration of the ultimate, it's almost impossible to get out of a flash, R Skarner gank. 

Skarner Pronoun Change

Riot is also looking to change Skarner's pronouns from he/him to they/them. This also makes sense since Skarner is a random crystal creature from the Shuriman desert. They've previously done something similar with Blitzcrank who now also goes by they/them. 

This won't impact Skarner's gameplay, but it's an interesting change to note. This could hint at a brand-new flavour story and some new lore bits to be included as well as is usual with a VGU. 


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