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Riot Pls Delete Zeri From League of Legends

Champions 29-02-2024 15:43

Zeri is a strange ADC that never truly found her spot. So Riot, why don't you just delete her?

Withered Rose Zeri
Riot, pls delete Zeri ... | © Riot Games

Riot released tons of champions and while some champions are really popular, others despise them. Some wish Yuumi will finally get deleted (me included), but also other annoying champs are pretty high up in the "most hated" list, including Master Yi or Viego

This time, though, let's take a look at Zeri and why Riot should delete and probably also never should've released her. 

Three Reasons Why Riot Should Finally Delete Zeri

1. Zeri Is Unbalanceable

Zeri is either broken or useless – no in between. She never truly found her spot with a solid win rate. It either was over the top or, like just right now, way too low. She's had her fair share of adjustments, joining the ranks of champs like Kalista, Azir, and Ryze, who also got the nerf hammer due to their dominance in Pro play.

Zeri is just pain for everyone, even the devs. | © Riot Games

The twist? Sometimes Zeri ends up in the depths of uselessness, like just right now. In season 13 it got to a point where players started experimenting, turning her into an AP mid laner to rain down W's on unsuspecting enemies. Yeah, she became so lackluster that people had to flip her playbook upside down, changing her from an ADC to a poke mage just to make things work.

2. Zeri Is Even Hated By Pro Players

On Twitter/X the user aegis_t1 translated some statements from the stream of Keria, who is T1's support player. There he quoted that if Zeri gets picked, she is always the "main character" and therefore the team has to be built all around this one particular champion. This leads to fewer choices for support players and limits the different possibilities. Seems like Zeri is not only depressing to deal with for Solo Queue players, but also for Pro players.

3. Zeri's Broken Mobility

Ocean Song Ashe and Zeri
Zeri is so rough to punish. | © Riot Games

Zeri's E, Spark Surge, takes mobility to a whole new level. It's not just your regular dash – if she collides with terrain, she zips all the way to the opposite end. This kind of high-flying mobility for an ADC? Yeah, it's pretty insane. A skilled Zeri player who manages their E wisely can be a real headache to deal with. Even when ganks come knocking, punishing her becomes a tricky business. That E lets her get out of the trickiest situations, making her a slippery target that's hard to pin down.

These are the reasons why Riot should just delete Zeri. Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!

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