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She is loving her update!

Taliyah Surfs Into Mid Lane in Patch 12.9

Taliyah Pool Party
Now all she needs is a new skin. | © Riot Games

Taliyah received a huge update in League of Legends Patch 12.9. She is finally being played again and has received so much love since her mid-scope update. But let's take a deeper look at just how well she is doing in the mid lane now. 

With both Taliyah and Olaf getting their mid-scopes updates in League of Legends Patch 12.9 and these updates landing well, we can expect more mini reworks for struggling champions, but just how good did Taliyah's mid-scope update land? 


Mid-Scope Update Increases Mid-Lane Win Rate

Now, who would have thought that Taliyah mid was going to be viable once more? A few years ago, she was mostly played in the mid lane, even getting a World Championship skin in 2017 after Samsung Galaxy won the biggest esports tournament. 

Since the mid-scope update, Taliyah has enjoyed an increase in play, as well as a huge win rate increase as well. Thanks to the added AoE on her Threaded Volley, as well as the ability to remove Worked Ground, she is a much better laner than before. 

Taliyah now enjoys a 51% win rate, as well as a 7% pick rate across all levels of play according to  lolalytics. Seriously, this mid-scope update has helped her so much in the mid lane. While she was considered a C-tier mid laner in Patch 12.8, she is now one of the top picks in the S-tier. 

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Is Taliyah OP Now? 

While mid lane Taliyah has hit the mark, she does seem a bit overpowered in the mid lane. Lead champion designer Riot August has even stated as much on Reddit. Though the team wants to keep her at this level before making drastic changes due to the Patch 12.10 durability update. 

She's likely OP mid. Jungle looks balanced to slightly weak. Will probably need some nerfs in future assuming 12.10 doesn't change much.

So, while her mid lane numbers are amazing, she is a bit weaker in the jungle than before. This could change in LoL Patch 12.10 though. 

More Mid-Scope Updates Coming

Thanks to the success of the Swain mid-scope udpate, as well as the ones to Olaf and Taliyah, League of Legends players of obscure picks like Rell or Ryze will be able to enjoy some mid-scope updates as well. 

Which champions deserve a mid-scope update in your opinion? There are some pretty neat champions out there that just don't get the light of day due to being too specific or just feeling useless in solo queue