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Have you wondered about the org EDward Gaming and how to find out more?

These Are the 2021 World Champions - EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming
Clearlove has been an integral part of EDG throughout his career. | © Riot Games

Are you curious about the 2021 World Champions? Have you wondered who these five players are that managed to take down the titan that is DAMWON KIA? Well, we’ve got some good news for you, EDward Gaming has multiple social media outlets for international fans!

Many NA or EU fans might not watch much LPL, the games are at awkward times early in the mornings when they’re either in class or at work, but thankfully there is YouTube and social media, which can give fans an insight into the teams.

Who is EDward Gaming?

EDward Gaming, EDG for short, is a Chinese esports organization. They entered the League of Legends scene all the way back in 2013 and have gone on to win multiple LPL titles. Their first title came in 2014 and their latest was just this summer in 2021.

Not only that, but this was also the team to beat SKT T1 at the inaugural Mid-Season Invitational with a brilliant Morgana counter against Fakers unbeaten LeBlanc. EDG has garnered a huge fan base, but until 2021 they’ve missed a single win in their pocket – the World Championship.

EDward Gaming was always a contender in the LPL, won six championships, but whenever they did make Worlds, they either bombed out of Groups or didn’t make it past the quarterfinals. This changed in 2021, where they made it past Royal Never Give Up in the quarterfinal, but also beat Gen.G and finally ended DAMWON KIA’s dominance.

Which Notable Players have Played on EDG?

The most famous EDG player has gotta be Ming “Clearlove” Kai. He was part of the organization since 2014 and has stuck with them until he retired to become a coach in 2020. He also added a 7 to the end of his name during his seventh pro season. Clearlove is one of the most famous players from China and EDG fans will forever remember him.

Of course, other notable players EDG has had on their roster include Pawn and Deft who left for the LPL ahead of the 2015 season. They helped the team win the first Mid-Season Invitational before moving back to the LCK.

Meiko also cannot be overlooked, being one of the longest players on the roster. He joined EDward Gaming in 2014, becoming one of the best support players of all time. He won multiple LPL championships with the team and his leadership helped the team win the 2021 World Championship.

How Can You Find Out More About EDG?

EDward Gaming is one of the few Chinese orgs that have insane amounts of translated content on their social media pages. They have multiple YouTube videos, even a series following the team's success throughout the season.

If you want to get to know the 2021 World Champions better and on a closer level, then check out their social media content, whether that is just their Twitter or YouTube is worthwhile and maybe you’ll become a fan of this year's World Champions as well.

These are their socials for international fans:

Follow these and learn more about the 2021 World Champion! Make sure to cheer them on in the upcoming LPL season as well. 

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