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We will miss you, old friend.

Esports Legend Santorin Announces Retirement

Esports 09-10-2023 14:20

After we have seen Bjergsen retire in April, his former TSM-Teammate is next to come. Santorin has been playing competitively for 10 years now, and it's time to say goodbye. 

Santorin in the LCS Summersplit |© Riot Games

Players come and go in the esports field, but it's time to say goodbye to an LCS legend that has been a part of mulitple storied teams from North America.

LoL: Santorins Career In Esports

Lucas “Santorin” Larsen is one of the longest-serving players in the LCS. The Danish player started his career in June 2013 with the Danish team Intellectual Playground, which included Zven among his teammates.

He made his entry into the big league as a jungler for Team Coast, where he replaced NintendudeX. I haven't heard that name in a long time...

After the split, he was immediately picked up by TSM, which was probably one of the most formative rosters of his career. After replacing German jungler Amazing there, he played with LCS-legends such as Dyrus, Bjergsen and Wildturtle.

Dyrus Retirement
Santorin was Dyrus' teammate when he retired |© Riot Games

When Dyrus announced his retirement, it was also time for Santorin to go and he continued his career with more or less well-known teams. After being under contract with NRG and H2K, among others, he now got his longest contract with Flyquest. He was there for a full two years and was even considered the best jungler in the league at times.

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This led Team Liquid to sign Santorin in 2020 and use him as a jungler for almost two years.

After Team Liquid did not produce the results it wanted, Santorin was then at Dignitas from December 2022, which is now also supposed to be his last team.

On October 8th, 2023, Santorin officially retired.

It's Not All Over Yet!

But Santorin will not completely disappear from the scene. In his tweet, he writes that he will become a full-time streamer.

We wish Santorin all the best and say “Goodbye” to the pro-player Santorin.

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