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Will this be true?

Arcane Season 2 Will Reportedly Bring Back Beloved Character – But One Question Remains

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Arcane Season 2: A beloved character could come back. | © Riot Games

Arcane Season 2. It feels like it's been centuries since we've heard any news on the topic and fans will gobble up any single drop of information as though they're dying to thirst in the desert. Now, thanks to one of the Voice Actors new theories have made way. 

In a recent podcast interview, one of the voice actors from Arcane season 1 has made some cryptic comments about the second season, which has fans thinking that a dead character could actually come back from the grave for the second season. 

Arcane: Will A Dead Character Come Back In Season 2?

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Arcane season 2 is probably one of the most anticipated shows right now. The first season was a huge success, even sucking in people who swore off League of Legends. Since then everyone has patiently been waiting for some news on season 2 and well one of the voice actors might just have dropped a bombshell. 

In a recent podcast interview of the Ikuzo Podcast, the voice actor of beloved character Silco, Jason Spisak, made an appearance and revealed that he's "recorded lines for season 2" of Arcane. Yes, Silco will have voice lines in the second season. 

Of course, this doesn't exactly mean he will make a comeback, since he was very much dead by the end of season 1, but a fan can hope, right? 

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It's more likely though that he will either appear as one of the voices that haunt Jinx throughout the second season though. Or that he will be making a few cameo appearances in flashback scenes. Either way, we will still be getting some Silco in the upcoming season. 

Of course, there are multiple theories of which characters will be added to the cast, with many hoping that Zeri or Seraphine will be included and that we will finally see the Vander and Warwick transformation as well. There are still so many unanswered questions and Riot is making us wait until 2024.... 

Of and if you're wondering whether Spisak leaked all of this information without asking Riot, then don't worry he did state that Riot said he could talk about him recording some voice lines on the podcast, stating that "Riot let me tell people. They said, ‘You can officially tell people you have recorded lines for season two,’ so I’m allowed to say that I have."

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