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League of Legends: TSM Won't Continue To Be A Part Of The LCS

Esports 20-05-2023 20:35
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League of Legends: TSM is leaving the LCS... | © TSM

TSM is probably the most recognizable team from North America. They've dominated for so many years and helped build the NA scene from the ground up. But that will soon change after an announcement from founder Andy Dinh on Twitter. 

TSM have announced that they will be leaving the LCS and instead building a new franchise in another region. It was not specified which region they'll be joining, but this is going to be a huge blow for NA League of Legends, with TSM, even amidst drama, had a large and strong fan base. 

TSM Will Join Another Region 

In the video announcement from Andy Dinh, he explained that the team is looking to move to another tier 1 region. What does this mean for TSM? They will either move to the LEC, LCK or LPL since there are only four tier 1 regions in League of Legends. 

Dinh also explained that this was not a quick decision, but has been something that the team's been working towards the last three years already. There have also been rumours previously that TSM would be moving to another region, so this has finally brought some clarity for fans. 

We have made the tough decision to start the process in transitionaing to another tier 1 region. This may feel sudden, but to be honest, we've been actively working towards this for the last three years. 

With the LCS losing viewership over the last few years, this could be the perfect time for TSM to jump ship. There have been quite a few teams also dropping their NACL rosters, meaning it'll be harder for young NA players to join the LCS.

So, which region could TSM join? The most likely candidate could be the LPL. There had been rumours previously that they want to expand the region from 17 to 19 teams in the coming year and TSM has been scouting a lot of players in China in recent years. 

But that has not been confirmed yet, so we will have to wait and see what TSM announces next. 

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